The featured coach on the Next Internet Millionaire Episode 2 was Armand Morin. Armand is the head of BigSeminar – an internet marketing networking seminar weekend conference that takes place bi-annually in my good ol sweet hometown of Atlanta GA. What I did not know about Armand – that he is a branding expert.. which I find kinda bizarre since I have been on 100 different lists for years –
    So what did we learn??
    4 things:
    1) No matter how big or small your company/whatever is.. you NEED a Logo – it’s not reserved for the big timers.
    2) Increase your Potential with ‘Obvious Marketing’ – give people that which they came to see – make it clear and obvious what and who you are about through your brand, look and feel. Dont nickel and dime on the face you want to present, since that is probably your best money spent to secure loyalty.
    3) Once you sell them once, you will have a much easier time selling them twice.. but make sure you are poised for that backend pitch/sale.
    4) Domains should have 5 letters or not have 5 letters (didnt hear that part too clearly) and have no dashes. To which I have to say S*#T!!!! I have like 25 sites with dashes in the domains, all purchased after it was suggested TO buy dashes.
    NOT Impressed with:
    In the judgement room, Joel Comm is asking most of the contestants who they think should be ‘sandboxed’. When he approaches Laura Martin, you can tell she has planned NOT to answer. Joel is visibly annoyed.. and says something like I am going to give you one last chance (or what? you will be sandboxed? Guess what.. you should have held out Laura for your principles, since you were sandboxed anyways) .. he says something about this being the game and “c’mon, this is business”.
    Yes. This is the game, but NO.. THIS IS NOT BUSINESS. I hope as heck it isnt!! Business is about honesty and integrity. Business relationships are about serving others. Reality shows are about entertainment and opportunity. This is probably a big reason Jonathan Kraft, who made it clear he lives by these principles in his video, was not selected after the 2nd round.
    In Joel’s defense, as we were submitting our 2nd round audition videos, and reading more from online searches about what we could expect if selected, this was the time to come to terms with the nature of this game, and decide ‘can I play or not’? That doesnt mean it is easy.. its just entertainment.
    Non Reality:
    Armand, Joel, and any other successful online marketer would OUTSOURCE their work, and not be taking out the scissors and glue. Although I take that back! Joel did outsource it – to the contestants.. but hey Joel.. I can help you outsource for MUCH MUCH CHEAPER ;) ..
    Back to Logos/Branding… I didnt really create the Logo for this blog.. It sort of happened in a long boring story. I know I am talking about my assent to earning an online income, becoming an internet millionaire, amongst other how-to’s, product reviews, what have you..
    Any suggestions for a more appropriate Banner/Logo?

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