I want to write about something very important. I have split it into 2 parts.
    One is practical and one is philisophical.
    In order to not have one part get lost due to too much information, I am going to write the 2nd part in my next post.
    First the practical:
    In a post a few days ago, that was way too long, I mentioned the following attitude I developed after becoming aware of Internet Marketing, making money online, anything and everything to do with my newfound relationship between myself, my computer, and the impact it potentially had on my financial future:

    “I would walk around very smug, looking at the regular rat-race crowd with pity that they were not clued into what I had discovered – like a hidden treasure….”


    At the expense of everything else, with a full blown head, I slowly disappeared from my former life.
    Ok, I said this was the practical post, so let me get to it. If it sounds cryptic it is because everything takes me much longer than I would like, and because I think most people will probably appreciate me just getting to the POINT!!
    When I disappeared from my life, that included ignoring the local success I had built up for myself by opening a local ‘service’ business. I was constantly being complimented for ‘what a great idea’ and ‘keep us up to date on everything you do’. Yet that pot of gold at the end of the internet rainbow was tugging on me and I could not fight it!!
    I gave the locals the excuse that I was busy having babies, which is not untrue, but it was just that – an excuse for running in the ground something that had helped support my family for almost a decade!
    Thankfully I have always kept someone on staff to keep us from losing our reputation, knowing somehow, somewhere that I would be an idiot to completely dump it.
    CUT to this past week. I had a client who BEGGED me to work for him. He agreed to all my terms plus My mom is in town to help with the baby. I had NO excuse. So guess what happened???
    I made $600 this week!!
    I am holding myself back from saying ‘Instead of constantly sucking more money into my online ventures’, since I have faith in these and KNOW good will and has come from it, but to have walked away from the computer, helped a local in a way few can, hear tons of !!!! (exclaimations ;) ) from the locals about me being back in biz, well I just felt compelled to remind you fellow marketers on a mission:
    Dont BITE the hand that feeds YOU!
    I would have been the first to tell you to quit your job, and jump in. I believe we can all succeed online, but in some ways it could be like a lottery, and that may be too big a gamble for some people, or take longer than you can afford to wait.
    Too many marketers burn the midnite oil, lose other opportunities, and destroy relationships, and their REAL true sources of income, for this unknown, and are unprepared for the fierce competition…
    Walk slowly and patiently towards your goal, acquire online friends and mentors, and
    be careful.



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