I blogged about how YOU keep focused, and promised those who commented that I will include the answers in an upcoming post. Due to focus problems, :) it’s taken me a lot longer than expected.
    I was reminded since I had the delicious opportunity of spending the ENTIRE afternoon at the local Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.. Just me, some yummy drinks, and my laptop! How intimate. The whole purpose of getting the laptop was to be able to get out of the house to get work done.. just the timing was off, since I gave birth not too long after my laptop and well I dont do so well with dumping babies and going. Dont even ASK how much this afternoon of caffeine cost me. DONT.
    However, the place was bustling, not one empty seat, noise all around.. someone said.. NO WAY you could focus there. You know what? Not ONE of those distractions had ANYTHING to do with me, not one wipe me, not one knock at my door.. It was inspiring to know I COULD focus. It’s just everyone and everything else in my life to blame :) .
    Here are your answers:
    Rich Gilchrest – I cant tell if he is mocking us – what do you think?
    I sometimes have the opposite problem. I can get so wrapped up in what I’m doing, I lose track of time. For example, I was doing some research for a gaming website last night. All I wanted to do was create an account, play for ten minutes, and write 200 to 400 words about getting started in this game. Hour and a half later, I was still enjoying the game, but my eyes finally wandered back up to my system clock and I realized my twenty minute time allotment for that task was LONG gone.
    Too much attention, not enough disorder
    Cindy Powers – I’ve found a timer to be a big help. Even if I only set it for 15 minutes at a time, I can focus on one task knowing that I don’t need to do anything else during that 15 minutes. I can get a LOT done in 15 minutes of focus time. And if I’m on a roll, I’ll set it for another 15 minutes for the same task.
    I also make sure that I get 15 (timed) minutes of down time each hour. Even if it is playing Internet Backgammon or some other ‘mindless’ activity, this keeps me from straying from my task at hand, knowing that I’ll get some ‘me time’ soon. My favorite use of this time is to sit out on the porch swing and bird watch – away from the hum of electronics and the squabbles of children.
    Leslie – – MY FAVORITE!! – put a dish of chocolate 10 feet away and go get a handful after you finish your assignment. You won’t look better but you’ll be happier.
    Alexandra – I have a few things I need to focus. The first is a cup of chai – nothing happens without it. I have a big dry erase board where I list different categories (calls, promo materials, shopping list, etc). then i make a category called “To Do TODAY”. I put what i think i could/should accomplish that day. It helps keep me focused. There are lots of times when something unexpected happens – like baby falls asleep in my lap. Then I can shift gears easily.
    Cynthia Powell – I set a timer for 5-10-15 minutes.
    Work on something non-stop til timer goes off then set it again and go work on something else.
    Example: Set timer for 15 minutes and work on my mounts of emails.
    Timer goes off. Reset it for 15 minutes and go fold cloths. Timer goes off. Reset and go work on emails again. Keeps me going and focused and not so board.
    April D – The only thing that works for me is to have a schedule or routine. If I follow it and focus on my mommy and house jobs first thing in the morning I find I can focus better on my business after those things are accomplished. If I get on the computer first thing in the morning I set myself up for stress and not much gets accomplished.
    and the theme continues …
    Traci K (how the heck did you have time to read this blog I want to know!) – With four kids, a full time daycare, and my handcrafted store, I definitely rely on list making as a way to accomplish tasks/goals. One thing I have discovered though is be reasonable with your goals. Make your tasks something that can actually be completed in a reasonable amount of time. Baby steps. Don’t set yourself up to battle a mountain of tasks…make it more like a hill. lol
    We started with a man.. and we will wrap it up with a man, certainly no stranger to responsibility:
    George – Don’t let distractions determine your day (which I so often do). My best piece of advice for staying on focus is to write a list of takss you want to accomplish each day. Then set a strict completion time for each task and stick with it. This practice has REALLY helped me the last few months.

    Thanks everyone for your answers! I wouldnt have such a hard time staying focused if I could manage to not fall asleep. Any suggestions to a non coffee drinker on how to stay awake?

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