• I am totally COMING CLEAN here. The timing could not have been more ironic or synergistic.

    As you know I am delivering a series on how to make money online. I was in the middle of composing a post (well now it’s this one) with an accompanying audio podcast (see below) on How to Focus and selecting a target market. I had a previous post on the subject, but I receive SOO much traffic to that page on focusing, I wanted to offer MORE. (here is link to that post)

    What happened? I am approached out of the blue by a marketer I admire. His skills are vast. Lets just leave it as that since it’s still an understatement. He is in the mood to do something ‘different’ this week, so he bestows upon me an offer to take advantage of his services for the week for x amount of $. An offer that is very hard to refuse.

    I ask him – “How much you can accomplish in a week?”

    He responds – “Depends on your leadership.”

    Reasonable. But that meant my input would directly affect his output.

    However, I had a problem. My Blog! My unpublished posts just waiting…

    This is where I come clean. Blogging is NOT my focus, as I am not really a ‘blogger’.

    Here is what creates a ‘blogger’:

    • They start blogging out of passion, interest, online journaling, what have you – working off momentum – 95% QUIT!! or write too infrequently to call it any more than a hobby.
    • The remaining 5% figure out how to Blog correctly. How? You write good content, engage other bloggers, you include links to other blogs on your site, comment on their site. You WORK IT.
    • Suddenly those in the last category start earning money! Wow! Then they become ‘bloggers’ aka those who earn from their passion! A great place to be. They also have a responsibility to their readers, and their advertisers to maintain their blog. It may be their main source of income.

    I am a blogger who aims to add value but frankly, it’s just a smart move for an online marketer. It’s something we coach people to do. It allows people to locate you, feel your personality out a bit, an ongoing business card.

    I love it, and I love your comments, but when given the opportunity to spend a week FOCUSING, while I was composing THIS VERY text, I decided to take immediate action. It will only make me a more valuable blogger in the future.

    What IS My Focus:

    To Create / Improve revenue producing projects.

    And that’s exactly what happened. (Thank you genius!)

    I know this may sound a little vague. Isn’t that EVERYONE’s focus? Yes, but most dont actually focus ON IT. They focus on wanting a certain outcome, but dont commit to the steps needed to realize it. You get the difference? Therefore, to focus on something that seems so common actually makes me very unique.

    Now I am sharing with you a conversation with Kelly Mccausey, an online marketer after my own heart! All over the place and overqualified, she had her hands in all pots.. but then PULLED the PLUG, and Finally started to earn money.

    Watch this video, and listen to the podcast below it for the long version! Enjoy.

    Listen to the call here:

    icon for podpress  How to Focus and Monetize from ONE Target Market [66:24m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

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