• A lot of people are doing it. But maybe it didn’t occur to you that you could to!

    Let’s say you are willing to spend MONEY for traffic. Typically you will be told to head over to Google and set up an adwords account. There are amazing benefits, especially for the impulsive: It’s immediate. It’s free (to sign up). It respects your budget. But if you don’t know the science of proper keyword selection, ad groups, etc., the learning curve to do it right, can cost you a lot, and kill your ‘this is gonna happen’ spirit!

    Google Adwords accomplishes one goal – eyeballs to your site. We are not discussing the more important part – how you get a visitor to do what you want them to do once they hit your site, but I think we can all agree we want to gain a LEAD. The ability to retain that visitor in a way that will allow you to repeatedly contact them for whatever reasons.

    How about if you were to just take that money and buy LEADS? The costs will probably be the same, but your risk ratio decreases since when you buy a Lead, it usually means the customer has already at best purchased an item, or at worst handed over his personal information.

    Here is another suggestion. Imagine you are offering a free report. Not too far a stretch. Would it be worth it to you to pay to get those reports into the right hands. Then perhaps you want to consider a CPA (cost per acquisition) campaign. Affiliates are always looking for ‘freebies’ to promote, so you will get loads of free impressions as they advertise for you. However, you ONLY pay for a lead that signs up, and you can specify from just a name and email address to complete address or credit card #.

    In fact, we have witnessed this scenario done numerous times in our very own inbox.. anytime you receive a ‘is X dead’? (fill in X for any Internet Marketing term), the marketer who promotes that ‘free report’ is pocketing around .50 cents per Lead. Yes, that lead is YOU. In case you were wondering how you landed on so many lists. Isn’t it worth the .50 cents per person to get a totally targeted lead??

    If this sounds daunting and out or your league, there are web companies, like Simply Ideas, that will assist with just these services. Simply Ideas is a lead generation and online marketing agency specializing in ad buying, search engine optimization, and monetization. If you are looking to broaden your reach, I suggest you give all these ‘paid for traffic’ suggestions some serious looking into.

    Please share if you have any negative or positive experiences, or want to hear more about Google Adwords, Lead Generation, Media Buying, and CPA.

    This has been a Sponsored Review..hope you enjoyed :) .

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