• Thats a long title and a pretty hefty challenge. I mean it though.  Anytime I do this ‘ONE THING’, I walk away with my brain REELING with all the possibilities and ‘If I only had more times’ and ‘If I wasnt already so committed to other fantastic ideas’.


    Not to toot my own horn, but the reason I find these in the first place is because I already am involved in other fabulous projects. Its true. Therefore other people probably dont count on voyeurs. This must be why they dont cover for themselves, cuz man is it ever easy…


    Sorry its taking me so long to get to the point. It’s just that I am still trying to make money in this world myself, that I am trying to convince myself it is ok to give away such an awesome freebie, with NOTHING in return. Not requiring your email, or nothing.


    Here goes


    Ok, so whenever I have a project I need done (hence my previous comment about being full of FABULOUS ideas), I head on over to any number of coder sites. Like Rent a Coder, Elance, etc.. Before I describe my project, I like to search for similar style projects to see how other people described them, so I can be more specific, and avoid future misunderstandings. While I am searching, I am reading idea after idea. People say I want a clone of such and such site, but with this angle (hot damn – awesome idea!). Then I stop searching and just look at the most recent listed projects. That is refreshed like every hour, since thats how quickly new items are added. You can sit there and read request after request for people’s new business ideas, or continuing efforts for existing websites. Then just ask to have it done for you as well.


    Perhaps someone will be doing something you can duplicate in another niche? Someone doing something fun in cars, but you prefer Xbox – go for it!


    Maybe it takes an idea person, such as myself, to appreciate this. I have learned to be more vague so other hackers wont steal MY ideas. But if you are floating between the what and how, this is one sure of a fast way to see people describing to the last detail exactly what it is they are looking for – not just some vague car racing site. I mean they get specific.


    So go ahead peeps and Hack a Business Idea Today! Just stay Far away from Mine :)


    Be well,



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