There are times you work, and there are times you surf the web while on the job. Of course if you are like me and you WORK FROM HOME,  you dont get PAID to surf (like sooo many of my friends), and then you could have a very unproductive day.


    However, if you choose to glean something from EVERY website that you visit, and as a result help improve your business, then you may be pleasantly surprised with the end results.Here is what I learned today:


    1) Most important for you visitors, so I will start HERE:


    I learned from  Gayla how NOT to be a selfish blogger. This means that I added a special plugin to my Blog today, allowing the search engines to see that I have linked to your site from my Blog – helping your search engine rankings.  So go ahead and leave comments and add your URL.  You will be glad you did :) .


    I was really all over the place, since just a few hours later, I learned from the SearchEngineJournal that I could be hurting myself in Google’s eyes by doing so, but I like to reward my visitors, so I am taking my chances. Go ME.



    2) With a new site in the works, and thinking already about it’s launch, I am scoping, scoping, scoping, for competition, ways to market,  what’s out there, yada yada. Lo, and behold.. The Internet is FILLED with Blogging Mommies who are taking the web by storm and taking advantage of the 1.7 Trillian dollars spent each year by Mommies. Oh heck, maybe that much money was spent to Market Mothers.. I dont remember. I found this site where they are voting for hosts for something.. ok sorry for the lack of info here, but there was too much to digest, and my hand is typing faster than my brain.


    RealSavvyMoms.com – check out the contestants and vote for their new host!


    BabyCelebrationLA – Going on as I write in LA – lots of $ are being exchanged by Mommies exhibiting their online wares and urban chic LA moms dropping their husbands hard earned paychecks. Go Ladies!


    Empower Women NOW - Another eMOM with great tools and here are 7 little know ways to get links to your blog. Ok so I knew them, but I can assure you that YOU dont :) .


    well.. the list goes on and on for what MOMs are doing out there. I could devote a whole Blog alone to women entrepreneurs, and I am excited to be adding this segment to my blog!


    3) So this is a bit of a Mystery, but I learned that I may not be sure exactly where the design from my BLOG comes from. When I was looking for a redesign, I was inspired by the look on this site – LuckyMom – I though that her husband, who has a Web Design Blog actually did the Graphics. (too tired to track down his blog now). I emailed him about a job, and received a ‘too busy’ response, but my friend could help you for $2500. That was fine with me, since I had meanwhile outsourced the job to Scriptlance for.. ahem.. $35.  He managed to take a lot that I liked from that site and create a new WordPress theme special for me :) . Can you see the similarities?


    Anyways, I was checking out another MOM site today – Mommy’s Company (which incidentally is for sale) and she mentions that her site designer is having a special. I mosy on over to her designers website.. at this point I have about 13 browser windows open, and think – HEY She ripped off LuckyMOM’s banner, since there is the same banner on one of the other sites she created. But I also notice that she has other illustrations of women looking the exact same way, so now I think she is the designer? Perhaps it was a template that was purchased? Anyways, she is apparently having a special, which ends today, where you can buy 2 animated banners for the price of one.  With her talent and being in pre launch mode, and having not yet paid the programmers, It will be great to have some advertising banners already made.. so I plan on ordering. Here is the link – SCAdesigns - She is really talented.


    Moral of the story. With MILLIONS of websites… how ironic would it be that I randomly came across the same designer of another site that I admired, where there was no link to her site. Either I spend way too much time surfing or the world is smaller than we think.


    4) I learned that my baby can be tired and actually fall asleep lying on the pillow next to me – without the boob or being walked. Just happened!


    5) I learned that Bloggers can be obssessive about where links to their blogs are coming from, so they will be checking their cpanels and when they see a link from my site, may come visit, and heck.. maybe will welcome me into their circles.. Here’s hoping. How do you check this you ask? Go into your cpanel, and click on webalizer stats, and scroll until you see the referrer links. If I lost you on cpanel, then contact me, and I will help you out (contact above in menu tabs).


    6) I learned that even though you see sites and they seem so awesome and ahead of the game, and you think that “its already being done, I havent a chance’… do NOT be discouraged.  There is always room for more. With some great content and an angle, and some good SEO (huh?? contact tab is above :) ), you could plug away at it and have a great little side business and passive income in no time..


    so for you surfers at work. If you are going to steal your Boss’ time and money, at least advance yourself in the process. Gee Whiz.



    You Were Saying?



    PS – I also learned that Sony is anticipating a HUGE turnout for this weeks opening of Spiderman 3.  I was not 100% productive.




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