• Here we are on the morning of the much anticipated release of Attention Age Doctrine Part II. The Doctrine that tells you how to maximize success in a world where keeping somoene’s attention is becoming increasingly more difficult..
    Yet I will be the FIRST to admit.
    I am NOT really looking that forward to reading another document. I download and buy more products than I have time to digest, and I am actually petrified that I will completely MISS the POINT.
    Therefore I want to say it NOW, on the BLOG, for the record! WHAT IS IT THAT WE (I) Want from Rich Schefren. What is it that WE can get from HIM??
    If you are looking to make some fast web cash, you will enjoy the free information and pick up some great tips and tools. But you can do that at the Warrior Forum, and just about from any clickbank product (if you follow it).
    Nothing wrong with fast cash, but there comes a certain time in your career, when you realize that fast cash may be here today, but gone tomorrow. That for the sake of longevity, and the real meaning of passive income, there is so much opportunity in actually having a proper functioning business, that combined with your IM skills, if you allign yourself with the proper people and tools, you may have a blueprint to follow and people who care if you succeed. Thats Rich Schefren.
    It doesnt matter if you want to focus on rapid weight loss, left handed fly fishers, or becoming an online consultant – you can either view yourself as pitching a product or creating a BUSINESS. If you are just creating a product.. then WHAT NEXT?? If you are creating a business (which YES you can around a niche), then you can position yourself to go very very far.
    Which is just want I plan to do. Looking forward to it Rich.. and the business systems that follow!
    Over at his blog, Rich shared with everyone my Video and admited that he deserved my creative dig! The comments that followed.. well lets just say they were WAY kinder than I expected. It was suggested more than once that Rich put me on his team ;) !!
    Here is the video. I know my loyal blog readers already commented on other posts about it, but heck, post twice. It costs the same..
    Below the video is a video response from Schefrens team directed to ME. Yes, I received MY first video response. I think he may even outdo me :) .. Enjoy! Dont forget to go pick up the Attention Age Doctrine Part II!

    The video response:


    Some Comments from Rich’s Blog Post:
    CLASSIC.. Go Andrea! That was Brilliant..
    Got My Laugh for the Day, Thank You!
    What a brilliant video! But, really, Rich, I’m with her – but I’m with you too.
    RIGHT ON, Andrea – that rocked!
    Awesome video! I am friends with Andrea…… Damn she is something special, I was going to go for the dreamdate myself, but she has me beat with her mad video skills.
    And Andrea, you’re clever, possibly brilliant… i don’t know what goes on in that mind of yours to create such a hilarious video, but you must have known what was going on in mine…
    Thanks Andrea.
    Good going. Way to keep those feet in the fire. Rich should sign you up to promote his stuff. You are the marketing queen of the net.
    Funny stuff. Great video Andrea (as always)…
    Congrats on getting Rich’s attention!
    Loved Andrea’s video . . .
    So now I want to know, “where’s part 2″?
    Great Job! What a response~!
    There is a good chance this video is destined to be a classic.
    Rich, you definitely owe that gal a hug. *(Andrea adds that she would settle for a phone call)
    this must be the best “homegrown”
    thing i saw in a while…..
    andrea you should be on richS team
    you definetly won best home made video
    in my opinion
    keep up the good work
    Great Video Andrea! Your creativity is really impressive! I’m sure it’ll push Rich to ensure that Part II is better than ever!!
    Andrea – I really enjoyed all your other videos as well! You have quite a talent! Shalom!!!
    Is that unbelievable or WHAT?
    Go Get Part II!!

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