I was sitting down with company this weekend, and was asked, as I am often asked…

    what do you do for a living?

    I dont actually have a ‘pat’ answer, its rather a continual moronic way of using whatever words come to my mind at the time, usually something that will have the listener nodding and thinking.. ‘oh my gosh, poor girl CANT even explain what she does for a living!!’
    BUT Internet Marketing is REALLY hard to explain :) !!
    Not to mention, can you call something a living if it is not your primary earnings, and it is not enough to be called an income… YET.
    I explain to her as mentioned above.. and you know what she said??

     ”That must be in high demand”
    I look at her, like.. duh I know that!!
    But how well do I know that and what does that mean to my bank account? Meaning I am VERY VERY VERY well versed in all things Internet Marketing.. Traffic, Mailing Lists, Conversions, PPC, Web 2.O, Lead Generation, Affiliates, Article Marketing, Bum Marketing, Niche Marketing, Adsense, Blogging, you NAME IT!!

    I look at web sites and they SCREAM AT ME with what they are lacking and how much more they could be earning.. Just because a business took it ‘online’, does not make them internet marketers…
    I know there are big time companies that charge big time money for dressing in suits and using big time lingo to make you big time lost and you say… “help = here is my big time money – just make it work”.
    There are those who can actually do it (use their IM skills to make themselves money), and others who are better at preaching it. I am not neglecting the former as an option, by any means… but I really want to do that so it can be bring me more credibility to do the latter more successfully..
    Before I started my online business, I was actually very successful at hosting moving / estate sales in my local town. I could juggle a crowd of 100+ with no problems, and the best part of each job was that I jumped in with 2 feet, got very into it.. but then when the job was done, it was over.. I received my money and moved on to the next one. I am not quite sure why I have been sabotaging this business that was so good to me – maybe the drug of working online + having small children helped to assuage the guilt of leaving so much money on the table to try my hand at this game.
    However, this same idea is what I now welcome…. Give me your problem, let me solve it for you, take my money.. and NEXT..
    I mean that in the nicest way :) .
    I loved doing my moving sales, and I will love helping YOU. (or your money back!)
    ~~ andrea

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