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    Listen here to a full length call with Ben Shaffer, as we divulge some of our secrets and tips to successful outsourcing. This is a FREE listen. And a MUST.

    Enjoy working hard? Then Work SMARTER and just earn a heck of a lot more!


    Here are the companies I use for outsourcing:

    1) RentaCoder – Excellent for sophisticated, more expensive projects
    2) Scriptlance – Excellent for small fast projects

    There is a LOT of great information BELOW the video. Make sure to scroll down :) .

    The 3 BEST WAYS to Earn from Outsourcing

    1) Arbitrage

    Although it’s origins are related to ‘finance’, this term has been adopted to refer to any way you effectively manage to pay for something and sell it for more. Buy Wholesale, sell Retail. It is the basis of how most everything is done in this world! We WILL talk about it in future posts (as I am sure we have in the past), because we HAVE to.

    Outsourcing Arbitrage? Here you purchase work from an outsourcing company and resell it for a higher value. Articles, Graphics, Ebooks, Websites, even major development projects. Find a few good resources at the companies listed above. You may find some duds along the way, but if you listen to our call, you will find out how to quickly weed out the losers from the keepers.

    2) Tedious, Repetitive Tasks

    Time consuming tasks done on the cheap. Although you had me at ‘DONE’. Want to write 50 articles in 2 days, comment on 100 forums, or collect leads for a potential JV? This is where outsourcing becomes a DREAM come true, as you are able to move forward with other tasks, while someone else is putting food on THEIR table, doing tasks you would rather poke yourself in the eye with a knife than have to do. Well, maybe thats just me.

    3) Recognize your weaknesses. Hire Strengths.

    The Ultimate Outsourcing Plan. You manage. Everyone Else builds. Get that project done. You know the one. The one that you have been dreaming to do, or that is sitting half finished on your desktop.

    Here is how to get this done:

    a) Draw it up.

    Write up a list of exactly what needs to get done for the project to be complete. Break it down into tasks such as:

    Project Management

    b) Claim YOUR stake and by WHEN

    What will YOU be able to do? – Put your name by what YOU can / will do (if any) and put a deadline.

    c) Whats left over?

    Whatever tasks have no names beside them needs to be outsourced. It should be extremely clear.

    Advise: If Design + Programming are to be outsourced, you will do better to create 2 separate projects as it is unlikely to find someone who excels at both. Why settle for someone who is average at all tasks, when you can find someone fantastic at each?

    d) The Glue

    When all pieces are complete, will you need to hire someone else to make sure all the pieces are put together, function, and placed where it needs to be to call it ‘live’? Well, this missing piece is why many people have projects that are 90% complete hanging around. Make sure to add project manager to your list of tasks needed outsourcing, although if your business warrants it, this may be a good task for a member of a staff.

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