• I was sitting down today trying to decide what to write about. I had a post all ready to go about a friend who is offering cheap hosting for life – as in you pay a fee one time, and then you never pay again. Sounds exciting right? Well, as I was asking for some more details, he informed me that his server was hacked and *expletive*, *expletive*, *expletive*… 


    so I had to regroup… and a post will be coming about top rated hosts. I am in the middle of switching and have lots to share.. such as how I wrote this ENTIRE post, went to sleep, and woke up to see it GONE, since the migration of my site happened BEFORE I wrote the post, and it was LOST… *expletive*, *expletive*, *expletive*…



    So get used to todays topic, since It is also a MISSION…



    I have been around the workforce enough to recognize 2 types of workers (there are MANY more, but we will focus on these for now) 



    1) Those who WORK


    2) Those who DONT Work..



    Dont get all uptight.. I am in category #2, and without #2, you wouldnt have #1!! OH Andrea, stop rambling and explain..


    Glad to:



    1) Those who work are the individuals who enjoy receiving tasks, seek out more tasks, fulfill them, possibly even ahead of schedule! They may be sharp and see the big picture, but appreciate the paycheck, regular work, learning curve that comes with a new technique, and dont mind or perhaps pay attention to the fact that they are working on advancing their employers’ career.



    2) Those who dont work.. the creative minds behind the task doers.. need to have #1′s around to get any work done! They are the ADD people jumping from idea to idea, excited about the possibilities, can have loyalty to an employer and work, but will need ‘more’ incentive to not bust loose…. of course if they bust loose and dont have a #1 around they are worthless, unless they realize this and hook themselves up!



    So for EACH of these 2 individuals, looking to earn an online income.. I got you COVERED..



    #1 – YOU MUST create an informational product! Your dilligence to work will allow you to have the strength needed to research a topic, do the work (or outsource it), complete it and MARKET it! Possibly you want to just sell the rights to it, rinse and repeat?? Go for it! We will cover a lot more about information products, but if I had you at HELLO, then you MUST MUST go CHECK THIS OUT.. Follow this MAN’s guide and YOU will succeed!


    #2 – YOU MUST Blog! Blogging allows you to be scattered, jumping all over the place, creating bytes of content as time permits, and yet have a HOME BASE for all your ideas, thoughts, etc.. This process will help propel you to action, and then success! More on Blogging to come!

    This is just covering 2 extreme personalities – of course there are many more.. and there are even people who are capable of doing BOTH!! Usually they have no (or fewer) children and are decent writers.





    ~~ Andrea

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