It seems that when it comes to the roads, noone wants traffic, but when it comes to the WEB, its ALL about the traffic.  


    Many people, myself included, would like to believe that we are going to dump good money into a solid looking website, and then the people are just going to come.. or maybe we will email our parents and friends and that’s all it will take for the business to really take off. 


    One of my favorite lines from one of the greatest movies in the ’80′s: 





    It could not be LESS true with the WEB! ..  


    Off the top of my head, here are a list of suggestions. These are just 10 FREE traffic tools. (of like 50!).. Paid will be another day.

    Click HERE to read and HEAR them!







    1. Go to Yahoo Answers and answer some questions. Leave your URL of your site. You can also search for questions people asked in your category that could help either direct them to your site where they find what they are looking for, or just get you more out there 


    2. Leave comments on BLOGS.. the important thing is to find BLOGS that includes LINK FOLLOWS.. this means your URL that you leave in the comment WILL get indexed by the search engines from another site…hint.. I allow LINK FOLLOW on my blog.. so comment away! It will do you some good. Is there an easy way to tell? Look for this image on the site:


    Leave a link on my BLOG and get SEARCH ENGINE CREDIT!


    This is the only way to KNOW… this does not mean that other sites dont allow. WordPress blogs by default have it turned off. If you want to know how to turn your blog on to allow link following, let me know..


    3. Submit articles to article directories, linking back to your sites. Take an exerpt from your ebook, from a free course, from your web content, and just format it more into an article style. I talk a LOT about this but dont ever do it! I have NO time :) .


    4. Offer someone a testimonial for a product/service you enjoyed and get a Link back to your site from their site.


    5. On the topic of links. Instead of wasting your time with link exchanges (which may actually do more harm unless they are totally relevant sites), do a search for your niche on GOOGLE and then check out the top sites. Check out their backlinks. That means who is linking to these sites. Then see if those sites would be willing to link to you!


    6. Start an Email Marketing campaign on your site, so you can make sure that the traffic that does come to your site becomes loyal to you. Make it worth their while of course. Take my free EMAIL Marketing course. Click on BLOG arrow up and you will see how to sign up to get the free ecourse. Ask my kids – I NEVER PROMISE. But I promise you will learn SOMETHING from that course. Just as you have probably learned SOMETHING from reading this. ANY site that has a visitor and allows them to leave without attempting to hold that visitor in their grasp is committing TRAFFIC SUICIDE.

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    7. Have you actually ever SUBMITTED your site Manually to Search Engines?? Yahoo, Google, Dmoz, etc??


    8. Find the long tail keywords (aka high demand search terms with low supply website competitors) and add those words to your site.. create pages with those words. The best and most affordable way to find these words is to pay for ONE day at wordtracker – as of last time I checked – $8!!

    - as of last time I checked – $8!!


    Here is Amazing Software Allows You To Increase Targeted Website Traffic To Any Site = Massive Targeted Traffic Guaranteed!


    9. Selling a product, offering a service?? Find someone who offers reviews and get it reviewed… Often times people look to review products or services for FREE so they can have more content for their site / blog. For example someone in number 4 above is looking for a testimonial, so they will give their product away for free.. You can work this from BOTH SIDES.


    10. Add video or audio to your site! If you WAIT too much longer to do this.. you will find yourself WAY BEHIND!! Video is fairly simple if you have a digital camera – you just upload to any video site and embed the code in your site. However Audio is simpler for people to listen to, no buffering time, and can be VERY VERY effictive. Here is a GREAT audio tool that will allow you to add audio to your sites in a very easy step by step process.  The link again – Impact Web


    ~~ I am working as HARD as you!!,









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