As many of you know, I am on my way to making a lot of money. Naturally in order to succeed I need to build a team of people who can help me. To include writers, graphic artists, coders, etc.. I know that there is great value in outsourcing, but I was thinking of the benefits to be able to contact a local in order to express what I want, help them visualize it through some conversations, be available for quick changes, edits, what have you.
    Therefore, I asked my assistant to do a local search for talent, and bring back to me their accomplishments / pricing. I am SHOCKED. I can have integrity, and be a person of charity, but can I really hire local workers who on average want between $30-$75 for an article, when I can get 25 written for that same price? Can I hire a graphic artist to make a logo for $200, when I can get similar for $50? These are not shots in the dark. These are outsourced talents with feedback and a committment to work for you, in order to maintain a high score average. There are outsourced talents with a portfolio that speak of experience. I know the clause ‘you get what you pay for’, but is that really true? Local talent doesnt speak like this:

    “i am happy to meet with your expectations”
    “i am waiting anxiously to meet your requirements”

    2 caveats to outsourcing:
    1) If you are big time big time, you use big time money to invest in big time firms to get the job done. Outsourced companies are not for coca cola to build a website. I dont think most of them handle that kind of work so they will not be able to conceptualize and realize your needs.
    2) If you cant afford to screw up, either financially or working within a deadline, then you just may do better negotiating with local talent who you can actually speak to references and know that the porfolio they put up on the web is in fact real.
    Speaking of that – wanna hear something cool? We approached the locals who seemed most eager to work and said that at this time we are only looking to pay x amount for this skill and more than 50% responded in the affirmative! Cant hurt to ask..
    Where I outsource?
    Scriptlance and

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