It was PAINFUL for me to use that as the Title for this POST. PHYSICAL PAIN. Why?? Well COPY is another word for the text that is written in an advertisement, on a landing page for a website, anything where the goal is to create a higher conversion – as in turning more visitors or viewers into loyal customers or subscribers.


    So for me to just write copywriting 101 is certainly not eye grabbing and ‘I MUST READ THIS’ material.


    Yet I needed to fill in that blank category to the left promising the 101′s of everything, so here we are at copy :) .



    Copy is a funny thing. I can decide I DONT like a certain marketers style, yet I continue to open their emails,  and I dont always open those from marketers who I really like! So I have come to find a few who I respect for their honest opinions, that dont shove every new product on the market down our throats, and also have a winning way with words.  It is so hard to get people to both like you, trust you, open your emails, and actually purchase, that it is no surprise that copy, read good copy, can actually cost a FORTUNE!!


    It’s funny how programming, design, etc. are the skills that you have to have real solid education to perform – you can be trained in copy, and you can always improve, but a lot of it comes down to whether you have it or not! Its like being a Model. You can enhance your looks, but imagine getting paid tons of money just for good genes! So too with an awesome copywriter.


    Check out this Copy here. This is one of the most popular Ebooks ever. Cant you see why??


    He is crass, he is funny, and he is irresistable!! He has also given birth to a whole new slew of marketers who use google adwords campaigns to say ‘DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT’ … only to have you be curious enough to click on why you shouldnt buy such and such product, and then click to see a sales pitch for said product!


    Here is another sample of a HOT selling Ebook. It appeals to opposing emotions than the one above.


    What you want to do is start collecting Subject lines from emails, headlines from sales pitches, anything that grabs you, and start saving it in a specific folder. This is called a ‘swipe file’. People actually SELL these swipe files for decent money!


    In case you are wondering – I actually bought BOTH of these ebooks above :)


    Be back soon!