• Simple. Watch this Video and Follow your step by step action plan below. It is FREE, No charge, costs you nothing. People are making money with it. Go do it.

    STEP 1.

    Sign up HERE (Yes click that link and NEW Window Will Open.. ).

    STEP 2.

    Follow through their simple sign up process, answer their questions, and select the category where you are an expert. Remember to be as keyword specific in your descriptions, so people searching will find you easily. I just signed up last week, and I am #1 when you search for Internet Marketing. However, it is possible that I am moved up higher since I am currently ‘online’ .

    Andrea Yager INternet Marketing Expert

    STEP 3.

    Make sure to Download their software. It can be found under professional tools. It will install the program and the result will be an icon on your taskbar enabling you to decide when you are online / offline, etc.

    STEP 4.

    If you have a website in your field of expertise, go ahead and grab the code for a widget and put it in your sidebar. Then you can attract visitors to your site as well! This can also be found under professional tools.

    STEP 5.

    Instant Credibility? Admittedly, without any ratings, it will be hard to imagine someone selecting you over a competing expert. Simply barter a ‘review’ favor with a friend who is also a member, or ask someone else to choose you and review you for a high rating. If you think this is ‘beating the system’, perhaps, but you wont be successful here if you don’t possess the skills required. This suggestion will allow you to cut in line, but no free pass.

    What’s Not Good?

    I am not certain if this is just a problem for those overseas, but there is not YET (it’s in the works) a phone connection with client to expert. The real question people should ask is how quickly you can type per minute, since you are paying to write and receive responses via writing in a special box that is installed with the software.. Again.. not sure if this is just because I am overseas and the phone option is available for locals? Someone else do the research and tell me, k?