• I have recently been trying to move my blog away from the personal towards the educational.. ya know real value, blah blah blah
    I always have about 10 posts half written that get tossed aside for the next great thought.
    However, today, and for the last 5 days I am just going through the motions..
    My friends.. I have lost my direction, my purpose, my taste, my drive..
    I am a rowboat in the middle of the ocean. I have oars, but I HAVE LOST MY COMPASS…
    My business partner, who appeared out of the middle of nowhere, dove in with 2 feet, and said I trust you, I believe in you, You have talent, and this is going to be amazing.. oh and how much do you need to live on until it happens… well he was tragically killed in a car accident outside Los Angeles. He was a 30 yr. old beautiful and generous without limits, father, husband, son, dear friend to many, and a True Rock Star at affiliate marketing.
    Meir ‘Mikey’ Volk … Thank you.
    I never saw ‘The Secret’ .. but read back to my next internet millionaire quest and TELL me if you didnt see it happen. Yes I was too busy working towards it to write as much as I should have (as much as YOU would have like to see rather). This stuff is out of control..
    oh, and If you think I am writing about money, just turn around and leave right now… the only money I wanted to earn was to show him gratitude for his faith in me.
    I am on my way to the states tonight for 3 weeks. My main consideration to NOT go would be the inevitable absenses from my computer. Just traveling is a day off each way, forget the obligatory Target and Walmart expiditions.. (even internet millionaires shop there). Now I turn on my computer and feel the bile rising in my throat.. yeh TMI.. sorry.
    So what now?

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