• $7 Secrets... buy for $7!!!

    I am very wary of saying ANYONE CAN DO IT.. In fact I just read a long post by a fellow internet marketer that those words are SO unfair. How can you possibly suggest that ANYONE can do something. You can never understand what may cripple someone else into getting something off the ground – whether it be lack of time, money, and / or skills.


    However, after reading the following 33 page report… in about 5 minutes, I would say that I have found a product which is the CLOSEST to … an anyone can do it way to make money online. And gain confidence and a name for themselves!! That bonus makes this whole thing soo exciting.


    It requires the following:

    *Knowledge on a subject -  most people know A LOT about at least one thing, and then a bunch of random info on everything else


    *One page website to promote your product


    *If you cant write well, and you want to bring more traffic to your site, it will take some $$ but not much. But you have the benefit of becoming an expert on a subject, which can offer residual income for life!


    Product Description: This 33 page hybrid between an eBook and special report teaches you how to create and sell information products. The report is $7 and it encourages you to sell reports for the same amount. The reasoning? $7 is affordable and you’ll have better conversion rates with less returns. Makes sense, huh?


    Here are some of the things included:  This report is well written and contains a lot of information. It will be especially helpful to those who have never created an information product before. It will help you see that you dont have to jump on selling someone else’s product and that you can create your own VOICE on the web, without too much work.


    The author explains the benefits of selling information, as well as some common problems – including solutions as to how to solve them. The author goes over his five-step summary of “The $7 Secrets Method”. He also includes free sample scripts you can download and increase your sales.


    Thoughts & Criticisms: It is not that I did not benefit from this part of the report, only I cannot see myself offering it elsewhere – he allows affiliates 100% of the commission to sell this $7 report and offers you the script to do the same. The idea is that you will increase your opt-in list and have an army of affiliates doing that work for you for free! However, if this is your flagship product, I would only advice it if having a list is worth losing the $7 (not soo much, when you think about it) or if you are promoting other products /services in the book where you can earn affiliate commissions – as does this author. Although I cant recall being suggested to go elsewhere to make a purchase ?? (that is something that I enjoy in an Ebook – not buy this and then you need to buy MORE)


    The author’s claims of making over $3,000 in 7 days be selling $7 reports seems a little overblown at first. He backs up his statements with screenshots of his paypal account, showing each purchase. And he further backs up his statements by providing a very well written manual.


    You may be skeptical. But his method makes sense, and he explains everything in an easy to understand manner. You end up feeling confident and ready to produce your own information product. In fact I know have a few busy beavers working on not one but 4 ideas that I want to corner NOW.. :) I will let you know how it goes.


    Bottom line is this: I found this book worth $7 and the 33 pages seem to fly – making it not seem so complicated to replicate the same process for another niche.


    Check it out HERE


    Be Well,


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