• There are a few truths about making money on the web. Some awesome truths. YOu can be your OWN boss, choose your OWN hours, and work from your OWN home – actually ANYWHERE for that matter. YOu can create a system where you are earning passive income, as in money in your sleep, and yes there may be some moments, when you launch a product, or promote to your list, where you earn a LOT more, while the passive income carries you through the rest of the days.

    However, to get to the place that you are constantly pitched – where you can go on a vacation when you want, and purchase the car/house of your dreams, not to mention, work a LOT less – is total BS. Not only do I find that other Internet Marketers are addicted to their work, it follows the creed of general human psychology…once you earn 10 grand, you want to earn 20! So on and so forth. Most of the big name GURUS promoting to you left and right, one product after another as they come up… are still in their ‘war room’ or similarly named facility working on their next JV, their next coaching club, product launch, and their next Million. Not moving to the Bahamas.

    Listen, I realize a million dollars in today’s world is not what it used to be, but people NEED to know that this is a business where you are still WORKING, and a LOT.

    Sometimes it even feels greedy. Several of these marketers get their hands on everything that comes out, and I find myself unable to even read their emails anymore. Everything is the GREATEST, and you cant succeed WITHOUT THIS!! Granted, I too would want these folks promoting my products, but give your lists and give yourself a Break! Dont tell us so often that you dont have to work anymore and not show us anything but more and more tireless efforts on your part to have more of the action!

    Ok, so perhaps I am getting off topic :) . I rarely have this opportunity for such focus. The power just went out in our whole neighborhood, and the only thing lighting up my place is this computer screen.

    Bottom Line – You can expect to put in long hours and a LOT of effort until you get ONE thing started. Then instead of giving yourself permission to relas, you will most likely chase the next dollar. I know I would. However, while I do fall asleep on my computer more days than not, I do ENJOY this WORK. I even crave it, sometimes waking up early, after 3 hours of sleep, to race back to the computer. It would be hard to say that about your standard ‘JOB’.

    On the other hand, if I were working a part/full time job, leaving work behind to come home, there would be a different kind of freedom – this is what people dont tell you. The freedom to spend some time with my children, clean my home, cook more wholesome meals, and connect with other friends and family, all the stuff I have neglected in my race to earn myself more vacations that I never take

    Just keeping it real..

    Be Well, Andrea