I am a woman on a mission. Have not officially started yet, so just putting out feelers..
    Just Getting Started Earning an Online Income? Watch my progress:
    1) After much research with all glowing reports, I joined Wealthy Affiliate. At a very reasonable $29.95 per month, they are basically the place that Adwords/PPC affiliate arbitrage happen. In addition to web hosting, they offer keyword tools, hand holding courses to cover all your bases, resources to compliment where your skills may be lacking (landing pages, etc.), and analytic tools to know which keywords are the earners. How do they *Rock*? They will they personally inspect your campaigns, and they have a FORUM where you can literally WITNESS the process of selecting a niche to a successful campaign completion. A real support group.Turns out I may not be using PPC as much as I anticipated with this new venture, but since the cost is a drop in the bucket for what they offer.. I am sticking around until I know for sure. They are down as we speak – will add the link soon..
    2) The Make 20 thousand in 20 days.. Michael Green is a very competent marketer, and I understand the concept behind this. I have joined courses – from the public to the exclusive and each one loses me at the go write 1000 articles and report back next week phase.. ok thats an exaggeration, but I like to think I can make GREAT money without having to work THAT hard.. If I sound cliche’, well then I am! So making 20k in 20 days (or YOUR MONEY BACK!!) is too good to pass up, since it not only gives you the day by day plan, only expects a couple of part time hours from you, provides you with what is usually considered ‘the missing link’, (a product to put your name on), but also introduces you to a world you may not have been privvy to before.. and once you are in.. you should be able to repeat the process… again or your money back! Sounds like a no brainer to me.
    3) We interrupt this for a Next Internet Millionaire Episode Six Review – I liked the immunity challenge a lot! Looked like loads of fun in the Colorado heatwave.. but the funny thing is that where Charles Trippy clearly was not even trying and it made sense that he ended up with $4, Laura Martin.. and others.. seemed to be struggling to get any attention, yet managed to sell about the pops for at least $1 or more.. It was so disappointing that they gave us Nico’s total, but failed to really show us HOW he did it! Luckily for me, I have his email, and will ask him how he managed to sell 20 popsicles for over $40!! Then.. Brad Fallon, SEO Darling, China Manufacturer, Huge Wedding Favor site owner, fellow Atlantan, and dishy IM’er took the stage to talk about something – someone please remind me.. and then somehow, I am not certain how the next task was related to what they learned and not only cuz I cant remember, but since at the time I wondered if I missed something. They did my thing and went to a Garage Sale.. well I really do Estate Sales, but still.. I have become skilled at knowing what has value and what not… although I dont typically deal with Middle America homes filled with the most random things you could possibly imagine, rather I know my tupperware and little tikes! My son figured that the contestants were calling home begging their family to drop their trust fund in Coca Cola Memorabilia or Sports Figurines…but I was thinking NDA.
    So they uploaded their stuff to Ebay and headed for a night out on the town, thinking that we would rather watch them let down their guard and party then get eliminated. Well, since someone is going and that is inevitable, I say drink on your own time, and let the ax fall when I expect it to!
    4) I already made an investment a while ago to join Rich-Jerks.com and I am sticking with it. This is NOT to be conused with The RICH JERK. In fact, Noah Fleming who runs this membership, is a really super above board guy. I never had the time necessary to really dig into what they offer or how they stand out from the crowd, but in addition to hosting, they are an endless supply of products. If you know what a WSO is.. they buy whatever is requested, so if you are a sucker for every product you lay your eyes on PLUS some.. this is for you. They have purchased more PLR (private label rights), MRR (Master Resale Rights) ebooks, graphics, etc.. that I could ever have what to do with… and it’s all current. However, some of it WILL be put to good use in this new venture.
    5. I have money to spend.. but one thing I dont understand is why someone would unload tons of money for a unique website design. Find something you like, rip off the code, add a unique logo, change the colors, put your own content on it and voila! Here are some great resources I am using to get some of my websites up quickly. Often your needs will change – that is the time to spend the money. Now, when you want to make sure you are headed in the right direction, affordability is key. I am all for a first impression, but you check out these sites and tell me if they wont do the trick as far as that is concerned – better than some stuff I have outsourced! a. Templatebox
    and b. TemplateMonster

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