• As mentioned, I have just been put in the in the position to leave a position I have held for 7 years. Even if you live a full 120, 7 years is a NICE chunk of time! Even more so when you are also busy making/raising a family, enjoying your youth, trying to save for the future, etc..
    As a baseball fan, I find it ironic that this is my 2nd time in row leaving a position after 7 years. My 7th inning Stretch.
    7 years is long enough to build relationships, loyalty, and get into a comfortable groove. It has to be meaningful. It just HAS to. Can you imagine if you look back and say “I cant believe I spent 7 years of my life devoted to this x and I am no where to show for it?” Our time is too short.
    Other than building relationships with my employer, and others.. how can I look back at these years and attach meaning to them, so they dont just get jumbled up with another experience to move beyond.
    In a nutshell, and as usual since I am in a rush, I would say that I gained – MY FUTURE! I had left a desk job to start working from home doing affiliate marketing. Whatever the heck that meant. It was the year 2000! Google didnt even exist.. Yes, I was ‘trained’ to do the simple tasks I had to do, but the rest.. and there is such a lot of rest – came from my interest, and need to devour all on the subject. Even though I was not responsible from my employer to go beyond our original terms, it quickly became evident that there was so much possibility on the web, and I spent my own funds and my own time to build myself an education.
    Many IM’ers will tell you about how much they bought, how much money they spent, and how little they have to show for it. You can look at it that way. Or you can say look at how much you KNOW now that you didnt know. Didnt turn it into cash?? Thats unfortunate, but if you put it in perspective, every $67 ebook, every $247 course, every $29.95 membership has contributed to an education that puts you notches ahead of the regular population and how they view the Net. Dont ever forget that! Create a certificate if you must and hang it on your wall. I know I deserve it now.


    Part 11 coming – have a good weekend!


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