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    Rich Schefren's Blog Strategic Profits New Report

    The following WORKS because its done with:

    a) HEART
    b) DEPTH

    Rich Schefren will be the FIRST to tell you and SHOW you that you can duplicate this concept I will share with you,.. and in fact many of you actually DO..

    .. and I am not just dedicating a blog post to this because I am a fan or because we are friends (although I MIGHT have said that to sound self important ;) )

    As Strategic Profits, with Rich at the helm, are on their way to releasing another eye opening report, you should really be doing 2 things.

    1. Getting ready to read the report. I know it is going to be a great read; Rich is only getting better and better, offering more and more value, not to mention, he is actually a sincerely intelligent person. This will not be outsourced rehashed garbage. This is HIS business, he takes it seriously, and I suggest you do the same. As always, his reports are FREE. Again, check out his video highlighting some ideas you can expect to see.

    2. As we are currently conducting a series on ways to make money online, lets also witness what Strategic Profits has done in the past, and how you can learn from this and perhaps adopt similar practices in your own business.

    It goes something like this:

    • a) Find a fundamental problem in a market, step up to the plate and IDENTIFY the problem. Can you say it better than it has been said in the past? Can you create a bigger issue out of this problem? Can you highlight a New Trend?

    • b) Engage your readers without losing YOUR momentum. Trying and figure out their thoughts on the subject. Of course, YOUR answer is just around the corner. It should be a work in progress, because how can it possibly be complete without having HEARD from your prospects? Allow their voice to help you complete your product accordingly

    • c) Now ... you are almost ready to pounce. Combined with Your Expert knowledge in the subject, and their fears, you PROVIDE the solution. There are really a few possibilities how to deliver this last piece:

    1) Free: This works for Strategic Profits, and it may for you, since they offer a variety of other services / products, and I think they (like many) enjoy offering Free value, and charging for those who are serious. They can afford to theoretically ‘solve your problems’ for free, because most likely, real success will come from being accountable to yourself and becoming part of a community, coaching club, mastermind, like his (not sure of the terminology), where you are not in this alone. This is actually a HUGE deal. The dent in my wall is clear evidence of this. :)

    2) The buck stops here .. This is your product / service. This is where YOU get paid. Solve their problems! This works for MOST small niche market products / services. This model is highly recommended as a way to break into a new market, and build up a list of supporters. From here you can see where to take it. I personally witnessed Rich’s stratospheric rise to the top of the heap, and I am certain he was as surprised by the reception he received and by the success he has enjoyed since..

    Dont OVERPLAN, just Start DOING.

    A force you want to make sure exists whether this is a new project, or a repeat occurance is ANTICIPATION. You may think it’s easier for Rich to get eyeballs on his new report due to his history, but in reality, he may have to work harder to convince you that this is something new (oh, and it is!)

    so you have to create a ‘what will he think of next’…

    For those of you who are new to my blog, new to Rich Schefren.. check out how I personally, if unintentionally, helped build up anticipation for his last report. (Yes, this is my easy way out for having a new video today :) )

    WOW! Rich - Can you believe this video was ONLY 9 months ago?? A lot happened since

    This time Strategic Profits has done an excellent job from where I left off. ;) .. and have their own video creating anticipation for the new report. It’s right here.

    Bonus for anyone who has read this far: When I clicked to watch the video, Andy Jenkins from Stompernet introduces Rich. My 5 year old was playing and hears ‘Rich Schefren’.. For those of you who saw the video above and the other, well several… this is a household name! He said ‘Rich is a REAL PERSON? Yeh, Mommy, he is REAL??’ .. this if from a kid who has never heard of Hannah Montana, so I think someone here should be flattered.

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