• HOW CAN I BE SO CERTAIN That This is Why I succeed…. and my be why YOU have not? (sorry if that sounds harsh)

    Simple…. because

    the areas I have a harder time succeeding are where my knowledge ends and someone else’s begins. Put simply, YOU (and I) just do better at what we know. Even if it means asking someone else to do it.

    What do I know that you MAY NOT?

    Watch this:

    Get the Flash Player to see this player.

    (PS – we will be conducting an interview with Jason soon. Basically stripping him of everything he knows. for YOU. Should be fun)

    This is what I know. How to create a simple website. How to FTP. How to make a table, add an image, yada yada.. I can tweak, edit, and shift things around a webpage without having to make a phone call, or pay ridiculous maintenance retainer fees to web design companies….

    and you know what?

    It took about as LONG to learn all that as it did for me to figure out how to put this Flash Video on this blog.

    So now YOU (and that means you too MOM) can learn along with your 8 year old children / grandchildren (who learn this as a matter of course in Elementary school), and build your OWN website. (yes – the text before this is underlined for a reason – it means it will take you where you NEED to go to learn how to tie your shoes, excuse me, I mean build a website!)

    I am trying to imagine a difficult task for an adult to equate the difficulty required to Create a website. This is what I came up with:

    If you can fill up your own tank of gas (self-serve), or manage to cook a recipe by following the list of ingredients, you can build a website.

    It has nothing to do with taste, geek stuff, art (I cannot draw a stick figure), digital cameras, fancy expensive software, or how many degrees you have.

    Letter A
    It’s just a matter of getting something to happen at Point A
    letter B

    and making sure it appears at Point B.

    I know there are ways to make money without a website. BUT not If you want a Business that will LAST, which others will take SERIOUSLY, and that YOU control.


    Great. I knew you were.

    Here is your ACTION PLAN:


    Check out the Web for FREE resources. However.. be warned.. you can find everything under the sun for FREE on the web, but it will NOT provide you with what a complete product should look like. You will have to be the Master of the Outcome, and fill in all those pieces that are left out based on not knowing YOUR needs, or YOUR skill level.

    I prefer to PAY to save me time and energy of the learning curve. Especially when you can find what you need so affordably.


    Check out Jason’s 7 minute Set up. It’s amazing how many Marketers took YOU knowing this for granted, so thank you Jason for creating this important product!


    I am only a member of 2 memberships now. This is one of them. They offer a complete Website Builder as just one part of their extremely robust membership package. Sort of like building blocks, you build your site.

    If you are VERY new, I strongly recommend Jason’s product, as this membership site could be (will be) overwhelming. If you have been around for a while, and could benefit from knowing Web design to enhance your other knowledge, I cannot recommend this membership site enough!

    Tell me.. What do you know? How did you learn it? Has it benefited you? or..

    What do you NOT know… and has it HARMED your business?

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