Email marketing, in my opinion, is the easiest, fastest, and most legitimate way to make money online. The ONLY catch, and its not a small one, is that it is Much easier and more successfully done if you have a topic you have a passion for.
    I tried my hands at it a few times and continued to fail! I came up with a few topics that I thought would be good niches, and found myself copping out before finishing. I did NOT have a passion for the topic. I did have a passion to make MONEY, but shockingly, this passion was not strong enough to overcome my lack of passion to work on something I didnt LOVE.  So… now I am. True, there cannot be more competition than I have in the internet marketing field, but I have been working in it since the year 2000, and for a long time I have ate, slept, and breathed it! Learning of all the possibilies of making money online was soo exciting to me, that I could hardly fathom the concept that people still actually had to get up and leave their house to earn such pitiful salaries at Mcdonalds, selling paper goods, or insurance! I was almost tackling people on the streets and trying to convert anyone who came into my home - ’ARE YOU AWARE THAT YOU COULD BE MAKING MONEY AT HOME, ON  YOUR COMPUTER, IN YOUR PJ’S, WORKING HOURS YOU CHOOSE’??? ok, I will calm down now.. but you can see the fuel that feeds my fire here :) .

    Email Marketing is the process of collecting emails from your target market (hopefully) and converting these ‘subscribers’ into loyal customers who will buy from you – repeatedly. For example, if you are newly pregnant, you may sign up to a week by week newsletter about your pregnancy. Since you trust this website giving you such great, free info, it is reasonable to assume that if they sent you a list of where to get great maternity deals, what to take to the hospital, and once the baby is born, all sorts of ads for MUST haves for one reason or another, that you would make some purchases through their links. They would then collect affiliate commissions for each sale that is made. To find affiliate programs for the niche you will select, do a search on Google for niche (topic you choose) + affiliate program.
    That example is pretty sophisticated. In it’s simplest form, a simple web page is created. This web page has some catchy copy and offers a freebie. This freebie should entice a visitor to your site to sign up. Now you have their name and email address and KNOW that they are interested in your topic. Depending on what freebie was offered (an ebook, 10 tips, etc.),will determine the content you will then send to your subscribers. Either way, emails will be sent out with an autoresponder. This means you work hard ONCE, and then you have a system on AUTO-PILOT, so that a visitor to your site several months or years down the road, will receive the same emails that a visitor will receive who signs up today.
    The autoresponders should encourage your list to purchase your product or a product for an affiliate. If you manage to build up a rapport and trust with your subscribers, than you will be able to continually promote new products/services, as they become available. It is highly recommended to have an accompanying blog to your landing page email capture site, in order to get more traffic from Google (who loves blogs) and slowly work your way up to creating a great site, with solid content. How do you do this? Well simple – you take your email posts, and use them as blog posts as well.
    How do you get traffic? Well if you are cheap, just write some articles with links back to your site, and submit them to all the free article sites. Sign up to Message Boards/Forums and leave posts with your site info in your signature (read TOS first!), you can leave a post on this blog.. that could help :) . Impulsive like I am? So pay for traffic. Go to google.com/adwords and sign up to start getting paid for traffic. Dont get scared – you choose the terms (as in the keywords), the amount you want to pay per click, the locations they should be viewed, and your daily budget.
    To summarize (so you can REALLY see how simple this is)
    1. Choose Topic

    2. First find affiliate programs to see if you can make money with this topic. If not, start again!

    3. Get a domain name + host

    4. Think of a freebie to entice visitors to give you their email address. This is NOT as hard as it sounds!

    5. Create Simple web page that will capture emails

    6. Write the autoresponses that will go out to Each new sign up. Must use Aweber

    7. Create a blog

    8. Send some free + paid traffic

    9. Rinse and Repeat!
    If you look to the top of this page on the left in the Newbies corner, I offer a free 9 day course on Email Marketing. I literally hand hold the newbie from A to Z on getting an email marketing campaign set up. No stone is left uncovered.  Sign up for Free!

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