• We discussed Adsense, now it’s time for Adwords.

    Then again, people often use Adwords to earn from Adsense.. so a complete education is required to fully understand your online earning potential.

    Lets try to keep it simple. The basic uses of Adwords:

    1. Have a website where you want to get more traffic? Sign up for an account at Google, choose keywords, how much you would be willing to spend per click, and your daily budget.. Then you are set. If you look up almost ANY term/s on Google, you will usually find on the top of the search results and to the right of the page, the Google sponsored search results. That is where your ad will be placed. In addition, your ads will be placed on other relevant websites. For example, if you had a website selling costumes, you could pay for traffic with keywords relating to costumes. If someone has a website about halloween, and they place the code on their page for Google Adsense, then your google adwords campaign will show up on this site. Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Performance, and Media companies will all have Google Adwords (Pay-Per-Click) specialists on staff to bring traffic to their clients websites. This is the most general basic use of Adwords.

    2. There is very big business in Google Adwords, typically known as ‘Google Cash’. I like to call it ‘Andrea Cash’ since I came up with the idea a year or two before it came out, but the concept was sooo new at the time, that it was beyond me (and my employer) that it could be a HUGE wave and make me a millionaire, as it should have, and we just settled for making a couple $100 more per month (well he settled for that – I just made my same ‘ol salary). So what is it?? This is when you sign up to an affiliate program, and you purchase adwords to bring a visitor directly to the affiliates page. This has become very competitive, but remains very lucrative. If a mortgage company will pay you $120 for a lead (name + phone number), then you can imagine how it would be worth it to buy some keywords that visitors searching for mortgages will click on, and assist with the sign ups. However, each click costs you money, eating into your total profit. But wouldn’t you spend $60 to earn $120? Not if you had to repeat the work everyday, but if you could get it set up that the ads come out in the locations, times of day, at the price you want (all determined in your adwords account), then it is reasonable to get this working on auto pilot. Imagine doing this for several programs, in several different verticals – you could be making nice money. While you sleep! Yes, I do know people that earn $500 per day spending about 3 hours per day working on this.

    3. Google Arbitrage. Not all clicks are created equal. A lot of people are counting on this!! If your system is set up to earn revenues from Google Adsense and you are not getting enough traffic – buy your traffic! You need to buy low and sell high.. sounds like a familiar financial concept and it doesnt differ here. You need to search for hard to find keywords, string of words, etc.., that will not cost you a lot of money. Then an individual does a search on Google, clicks on your ad, goes to your website. You then hope that they will find a BETTER adsense ad on your site, relating closer to a topic that they are searching for,  click on this and make you money. This is more of a nickel and dime business, unless you really know what you are doing.  The advantage to doing this, is that you are still bringing more traffic to your site, helping your ranking, and hopefully gaining the customers loyalty in other ways (we will get to those ways in a later post). I had a site which I would spend $5 per day on Adwords, earn $7 per day on Adsense, but gained customers who would come back to my site again without having to pay for it!

    Recently, there has been talks of a ‘Google Slap’ – this is referring to using pay-per-click (PPC) on Google to send the visitors to a landing page, squeeze page, name page, etc. – basically a one page website looking to make a sale or get someone to sign up for something. My personal experience of how to successfully overcome this HUGE problem, besides using other PPC engines (Yahoo, MSN, etc), has been to add a blog to any sites like this. Google loves blogs.

    Thats it for today.

    Be Well,


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