• Moving on….. going through each online opportunity, starting with Google Adsense.

     The beauty of Google Adsense.. if you have any site that is getting any kind of traffic at ALL, you sign up to google adsense for FREE, add some snippets of code to your site, and BAM! You are making money. It may be just a few cents here and there, proportionate to your traffic, but it is the easiest money you can make.

    I have been working for a company that has many information sites. Several of these sites have made over $5000 per MONTH on Adsense alone.

    There is also a skill to the hows and where to place the code. It has been tested that a visitors eye is most likely to hit top left triangle area on the page. If you are offering a few paragraphs of text, you may put some Google text links in the middle to break it up. For example, I was just looking up how to get rid of cradle cap, so imagine if I hit on a page of content on cradle cap, and in the middle of the article I was reading, there were a few links on cradle cap cures.. I would most likely click on it, making money for the site hosting the article.

    While Adsense is still a hot way to make money, there are some issues:

    1. Google caught on to all those information sites that were offering NOTHING but links and some minimal content, as a way to direct visitors to just click on the adsense ads and move on. Advertisers complained and Google started banning these sites. If your site has nothing to offer, you can forget counting on Adsense to make you money. You may be able to trick the search engines and make some fast small cash, but it wont last long.

    2. The business model of Adsense is actually a very poor one – the concept is to get a visitor to your site, and have them leave.. your success, and ways to make more money DEPENDS on them leaving your site!! That isnt very wise, unless of course, your site has nothing to offer, and is only geared as an ADsense earning vehicle.

    As long as people will be paying to have visitors to their site, Adsense will be around. I would not encourage someone creating a NEW business to make money from Adsense, but it can certainly enhance any existing site, and help cover some of those basic costs on a site that an owner has not yet find the time to invest in as they would like.

    Be well,


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