• Do NOT leave this page without asking ANY ANY Question you have about Creating Online Videos. I will make sure to get them ANSWERED. Not by me you dope!!. By a professional :) .

    Think historically. Families sitting around a box called a Radio listening to, well listening to ANYTHING that came out of it. Next came the TV….. even static was interesting.

    Well jump ahead to today, and the new hot trend is still sitting around watching a box, only its Web Videos on your computer screen and YOU and I have control over what people watch!

    First Watch this video, and then I will tell you a few fast facts about video, and how I create mine, etc.. …

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    Fact #1 –

    For my parents 25th wedding anniversary, I spent $275 on a VHS video with a bunch of stills put to music. As we are nearing their 50th wedding anniversary, instead of your expected inflation, I could create a far superior product today using ALL online tools/software for FREE or next to it.

    Fact #2 –

    If a competitor uses videos, and the products are on par, assuming you don’t have the market share of traffic, your competitor will sell more

    Fact #3 -

    The only thing MORE powerful than the audio / visual combo of a video is word of mouth. We will get to that later. Although a powerful viral video trumps them all.

    Here is how I create my top of the line, high class videos. Ha!

    STEP 1.

    I charge up with my little digital camera with rechargeable batteries. I have about 20 minutes of video time per 1GB memory card. There are top of the line digital cameras, but even the lower of the line should produce a very good quality video, with perhaps less features. Therefore, brand is irrelevant. Correct me if I am wrong.

    STEP 2.

    I decide where I am going to be, and I either hold it in my hand, or place it down somewhere. Press record and talk. As loudly as I can. Especially if daytime and competing with construction. Next.

    STEP 3.

    I stick the chord that came with my camera into the camera on one side and into the computer on the other side. I am automatically offered choices where I want my pictures / videos to download. I select Adobe Photo. Then it downloads.

    STEP 4.

    Now I decide what software I want to use to edit. I usually choose Windows Movie Maker, since it is free and comes with my computer. Mac users have other free better options. I just started using Ulead (free trial) since my Windows Movie Maker (WMM) kept crashing every time I opened it. I will most likely purchase Ulead since it is set up very similarly to WMM, with lots of cool features. I will ask Dave his opinion first though :) .

    Here is how you can get over the learning curve to figuring out these softwares – you simply place your files (audio, images, video) in their media ‘library’. Then you can dump the files into either a storyboard format or timeline view. Timeline view allows you to see how the ‘story’ of your video is lined up. Then you can select to create and place titles in your story, as well as images, audio, and of course they offer effects and transitions. As you can tell from my videos, I have yet to master the art of transition. I have mastered the art of the ‘cut’.

    STEP 5.

    I save the video as best quality for the web. Then I sign into Youtube, etc.. and upload it! Just today I noticed that the quality of my videos is not coming out (no, not referring to the content, (well, that too..) but the video quality seems grainy.) I am imagining my kids feeling like it’s torture to watch these in 20 years. Have to figure this out. Any suggestions?

    Using the FLIP ULTRA did cut out some of those steps, but not enough to have to endure the poor (er) quality videos it produced. (not all of them, just randomly. Those are chances I am not interested in taking).

    Tell us how you use could use video, your thoughts, questions, etc., etc.. ??


    What is holding you back?

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