• NOTE: This will make more sense after reading and watching… But can you call something ‘regret’ when you regret it before you actually DO IT? Thats how I felt about publishing this post.

    I am such a dork! ;)

    Here is the GOOD:


    Even though they only allow editing to be from the start or finish of a clip, you can create a bunch of ‘mini clips’ from one main clip and shave off the parts you don’t want.


    If you don’t go crazy about quality or editing, then it REALLY is easy. For those who are concerned, I have a few more Flip vids half complete, but I think I will move on to something better to be taken seriously.

    Here is the BAD:


    When you create a movie mix, it will create the movie in order of clips created. So if you would like a section from your first video shot to be AFTER a section from your second video, then you need to EDIT them in order that you want them saved. Once saved, if you select them to create a single movie file, it will just create the order based on the order in which it was edited.


    They fade out more than I expected. I shaved off sections I was editing, and expected one part of a sentence to pick up with another. You miss a few seconds of material, forcing me to go back and start all over as my video then made little sense. Starting all over meant starting ALL over – not just that section, due to what I mentioned in A) above. The last word of the video is cut off! blah.


    When I collected too many segments from videos to create one movie mix, the FLIP software was just incapable of delivering me a normal complete product. I sounded like an actual MAN in certain parts, since it put my voice in slow motion. There are sections here that I sound different, but I just got sick of editing it, and I wanted this to be a fair representation of my FLIP education.
    I did, however, edit a few sections, and was forced to remove some witty lines I put in, since I am ok with not sounding great, but way too vain to sound like a MAN.


    The Video quality is just not that great. My much cheaper digital cameras way outperforms. This is like the video quality from my elementary school home videos. How is this such a HOT product??

    Lessons Learned (ME + YOU):


    Practice doesnt make perfect – with an imperfect product, but I will only get better because I am DOING IT. Make it happen people.


    I got totally whipped by a 20 year old (Esther in the video). What do you think?


    I have been collecting some Fantastic business building information from an OFFLINE marketing genius. I will try to unroll some of his insights as is relevant, but my very short 2nd video about negative publicity will be like a whole chapter in the book. It’s just that powerful.

    Video #1

    Video #2

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