*ERIC and JOEL and other NIM contestants – read the disclaimer JUST BELOW the video*
    *Next Disclaimer – every video I have done to date is on a very inexpensive Digital Camera – nothing fancy going on.. as should be obvious. I usually have up to 9 minutes of video time, before I have to download, erase and start over :) .
    For all those predicting and expecting to see me in, you were in good company.. If you have a problem with me tooting my own horn – 1st of all, these are quotes from others, and 2nd of all “I am the most fabulous person EVER” – thats a direct quote from yours truly :) It wont take but a glance through this blog to hear me express my limitations, so I shouldnt have to run from the opposite.
    For those who go by the stats – as previously mentioned, I was the top ranking female of the final tally and the only woman in the top 7!
    Other than being listed in 75% of the visitor predicted totals on the forum, Here is a SAMPLING of direct quotes from other forum readers and mostly other contestants (names to be added later upon their approval, unless they already have, or available publicly).
    “I have to honestly say – - that the surprise of your video that it turned out you were conversing with yourself was a genuine “wow” moment. Then, when you said “Hey, are you going to eat that?” I literally laughed out loud. It was the only laugh of the entire contest. So you’re smart, pretty, accomplished and funny. What the heck was missing? Plus – duh! – everyone loved you and voted for you.”
    “I was convinced it would be you all the way through. You shine.” – Carly Taylor
    “it would be impossible if they dont choose you since you are dope. You are awesome… like drug addicting” – Jason Henderson
    From Jason’s Blog – “Andrea is an extremely talented wife and mother of four who can bring a lot to the table of the Next Internet Millionaire reality show.”

    “I really like the style she’s used in both videos. The girls aren’t making as big of waves as the guys, but she’s managed to stay top 7 the whole contest. She knows what she’s doing” – Jeremy Estes
    “Well…there is only one woman left…..and of the 8 women I thought would make it on…there hasn’t been any surprises to me who was picked…
    I think I know who the last one is…. ;)
    “your kicking ass
    see, im not the only one enamored with you ;)
    “you look stunning in both”
    “i like your video and your concept – the dialogue is really tight.”
    “oh thats good – you got my vote.”
    Even if this guy Valleywag took a stab at me – I was still his first pick!! -”Andrea Yager brings sloppy do-gooderism and moderate good looks” (moderate my A).. check out what this other MAJOR marketer (whose name will not be mentioned ) says:
    “secretly I must say your very hot looking, but I’ll deny it, lol .. have to stay professional here.”
    of course GEORGE – “Give Andrea and Cliff a Perfect 10″
    Go check these out on the forum yourself:
    “If Andrea Yager does not get accepted.. then is there is a lesson to be learned for future contestants?
    Being the top ranked female by a lot (yes I have been following), with creative videos, good impact… etc., etc.. I would say deserves at least ONE of the 6 spots.. true, If she were hard to look at, then I may not say this..”
    “I’m going to be extremely confused if someone like Andrea doesn’t make it.”
    “Andrea Yager- She’s got this thing bagged. Watch her to be there in the finals. ”
    “Andrea… so fine in a “girl next door kind of way”
    “My guess is Andrea… she did not keep her poker face on… her ‘tell’ was that she came out strong in the forums after the post stating all the finalists were notified….
    her posts were jovial and witty with a few ;) ‘s to boot… then ‘poof’ she was gone… now for someone who had such a strong presence in the forums for the whole competition to vanish without one post of expressing dissappointment, that would just not be in her character.. she is too strong willed to have been voted top woman, not make it and then just let it slide… nope… i am going ALL IN and calling her bluff… Congratulations Andrea Yager!” – Nico Pisani




    *DISCLAIMER: I still support the show, the concept, Joel and Eric, and of course the other contestants! I have NO PROBLEM with their final selection.

      However, Nico was RIGHT that I was not going to just do NOTHING! Hope you liked my video!
    Now that you know:
    Some other quotes:
    “they were just retards when it came to you”
    “I’m really gutted you wont be there”
    “Even my mom was expecting you to be on there”
    “I know some people that are going to be pissed when you’re not there”
    “YOU are what they should have taken”
    “that just blows.. for real”
    My all time fave from my brother – “Now u can spend your time on really becoming the next internet millionaire!”
    ~~ thank you all for your support.
    Look out for my next post to read what I WILL Be WINNING!!

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