Moving on to What I WILL win :)
    Rich Schefren is one cool guy. You get the feeling that the guy could take your business, strip it down to its bare bones, and build it up to what it is meant to be.
    He is all about creating a business that is SO together, happening, and hitting it’s mark that people want to work with you For FREE.
    Rich has managed to stay out the guru bashing mire to the extent that his name can take something potentially questionable in it’s integrity and purpose and make it smell clean.. I wish I had more time to read blogs, but here is ONE AWESOME blogger who auditioned to N-I-M just because Mr. Schefren was attached to the project. I have no idea how John didnt make it even to the top 50.. John is a gorgeous smart preppy collegiate boy!
    Rich has also found his way over here to comment on my blog.. I DOUBLE DARE YOU TO COMMENT AGAIN..
    Rich’s latest product – the Attention Doctrine is offering a prize to strategize with some of the big time respected Marketers or win $1000… If you are considering entering, forget about it – The contest entry ENDED July 8th!
    But enough about RICH!! Now ABOUT ME!! This is from the lovely Dwain at StrategicProfits.com

    “Hi Andrea,
    We all really enjoyed your Attention video and you’re in the running.
    Email me when you get a chance.. as I’d like to learn more about what you are trying to do in your web business.”

    Oh Dwain.. I love it.. TRYING.. was it THAT obvious???
    So Me.. and Web Business..
    In the year 2000, I was hired to work for a website company. Having just completed an 18 hour HTML course, it did not take me long to realize that my education was not enough to make me a skilled web designer, and I certainly wasnt a graphic artist, unless stick figures are your thing,.. so with some trepidation I accepted this position. My boss had a few websites and I was hired to monetize them and do other client work.
    Affiliate Marketing?? What the heck was an affiliate and affiliate marketing??
    To his credit, he was pretty laid back with expectations, and to my credit – I BLEW HIM AWAY.. Now, I didnt put in the amount of hours I should have, and I didnt rush to do client work, (turns out knowing HTML is fantastic, but I dont like web design), but within just a few months of working, I asked:
    “why are you paying per click (1 cent at the time) to get people to come to your site in the hopes of making an affiliate purchase. Why dont you cut out the middle man and send them directly to an affiliate program.”
    It took him 3 months to actually ‘listen’ to what I was saying – I was so NEW – why pay attention to me? We proceeded to spend a couple of pennies to earn a $1 pay per lead commission.. For those in the know, you will realize that before Google was even born I was sitting on ‘Google Cash’ and the rest is history…
    but of course it gets even better (or worse). 6 months later… I asked my boss..
    “If you can add sponsored links to your site, and all we want is to get visitors to our site to click on those links, why not create an all sponsored links site and not give them any choices.”
    Yes, my friends… your first LINK FARM site, AKA Niche Adsense Website… again – this is before GOOGLE Adsense (even Google) existed, so you can imagine when we added Google to these sites, we were poised to.. make a killing :) . Did I say we?? Since HE certainly had no complaints for several years…
    However, we were not ‘Internet Marketers’, and it was only in about the year 2003-4 that I realized the concept of ebooks and the business of teaching others how to make money on the web. Then it started to slowly dawn on me WHAT MIGHT HAVE BEEN and what COULD HAVE BEEN…
    Since then I became IM obsessed, snapping up every product, expecting that at any moment all the pieces of the puzzle would come together and I would hit the jackpot. I would walk around very smug, looking at the regular rat-race crowd with pity at that they were not clued into what I had discovered – like a hidden treasure….


    In fact, I have become too busy and self involved to work for my employer, that I have HIRED out some of my minor work tasks to someone else… its called ‘work arbitrage.’ And my boss says “that is so something creative that only You would think to do it.”

    This leaves me to the evolution of how I see myself and my web future and so sorry Dwain, and any other visitor for making you read all this! Probably against all Blog protocol to drone on and on like this!

    • How many people can support their families by building up a list and pitching new IM products to IM newbies??.. We should all know better and be making a killing off of niche sites… yet I had a hard time devoting myself to some ‘niche topic’ market, since I keep being pulled back to pitching products to newbies :) . I have written my own info product, and hope to launch it sometime in this decade before it grows stale. I am working on the niche site market but then…

    • When I realized that the above was only going to be good for chump change, it occured to me that I had to do something much BIGGER. People with BIG websites have BIG success, so lets take all these IM skills and come up with a website concept. I woke up in the middle of the night with my new FANTASTIC idea, and have been busy with one outsourcing flop after another in attempts to get it done within my meager budget. Of course these setbacks have taken out a little of the excitement, but I hope to see this through very very soon :) .. I think you will like this idea. Dwain, If you wanted the cliff notes version, THIS paragraph is the WHY I submitted my videos and wanted your attention. I want this new site to get ATTENTION.

    • The no brainer for this busy momma would be online marketing consulting. My wide range of skills (and a hard drive filled with products on anything I am lacking)… well you can read this post..  

    I have such faith in my ability to succeed, that I am working in negative cash flow right now…. financing the running of the rest of my life so I can devote myself to this 24/7.


    Please tell me I didnt chop off my head for nothing.



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