• Yes. It has been a few days since my last post. Yes I am way too busy to even give this post the ‘coverage’ it deserves.. Yes, if you are reading this in hopes to find out my review of The Next Internet Millionaire Episode 5, you will be rewarded..
    however.. what is the ONE theme that you have picked up from this BLOG??
    Who will be the ONE to discover ANDREA YAGER??
    Well my friends it is time to put the Pedal to the Medal and show what I am made of!
    The Summary.. oh we will get into more later:
    Lets say that I am a ‘start up’. I have an angel investor who is putting a lot of money (for me) in me and investing in ME with hopes that he will have made a wise choice (DUH!) and that he will earn back his investment + profits!
    Said otherwise, I was not hired. I am not an employee. I am now the CEO of a new corporation. I selected the name and will have access to other available funds to be able to build my new business venture. The business plan is negotiable, since he is eager, open, and planning on taking my vast IM skills to leverage his current business model etc.. and see what becomes of it.
    So dream come true? Yes!
    Imagine someone gave you the funds to fly like a bird and soar? Imagine if someone offered you an equity share ALSO for doing that? Imagine if this person considers the people who clean your house a business expense since they help you be more productive?
    So.. if you had to KNOCK SOMEONE’S SOCKS OFF.. and make a BOATLOAD of money in a short period of time, that would continue to build into a greater stream of money,
    What would YOU do?
    I will Outsource like crazy.. so let me know if you have any skills to add to the mix and products we can promote!
    For those tuning in.. if you scream your head off loud enough, someone will hear. This guy did not approach me through the channels I may have expected.. but once you become accustomed to thinking you are ‘all that’, it rubs off in ways you may not be able to predict or anticipate. TRUST ME on THIS ONE. Be Vocal. Grab a Backbone. And be discovered.
    So speaking of people who missed the boat with their chance with me .. The Next Internet Millionaire Episode 5 was definitely the BEST so far. Meaning I think they nailed it this time for several reasons:
    1) The immunity challenge allowed us to see some people shine. Not only did Nico’s book title shine, but do did his personality! There is a story of a famous Rabbi who went to the doctor with his wife since her foot was hurting, and when the doctor asked what is the matter, the Rabbi replied “Our foot hurts”. Nico Pisani personified that ‘I am not for myself if we am not for each other’, and definitely scored big points with all .. Go NICO :) You better be reading this
    2) Team Challenge – ok, admittedly I was watching at some unG-dly hour and fell asleep during part of the speaker, but I think he is cute (which matters a lot to me since I’m shallow) and we were FINALLY able to see an execution in it’s entirety instead of just getting snippets of what they were trying to present. Except for the logo.. where there really was no competition. As others have mentioned, I too did not know which way Mr Comm would go. Although I was not completely surprised. Some people think he has a thing for Laura, I personally think he has it for Mr. Trippy.
    3) Elimination – as much as I like some of the other contestants that were already knocked off.. they did NOT have their Game On, so each week was sort of them cleaning out the filter to get to the good stuff.. Now each contestant that is knocked off will probably have less and less of a good reason to be eliminated other than being in the wrong seat at the wrong time. I could tell Christine schaap was SHOCKED to be off the show, and sure they found some average reason to sacrifice her, but it was really a waste of time to talk about, since in reality there was no choice. Jaime Luchuck was secure, JC would have ‘no pun intended’ been crucified if he went after Nico, and how could he kick out Laura Martin when their team DID a good job, and she was just allowed back in the game.. and been on the line so many times.. so process of elimination. The logic will probably continue as such, with rising tensions, and more nitpicking backstabbing nonsense to make it make sense until the last is standing..
    I dont know if you can tell but the only TV (via DVD on laptop) I have watched in the last several years has been a few seasons of 24, and the only Reality TV I have seen is a few episodes.. not seasons.. episodes of one American Idol, CharacterRoadTrip (who wouldnt watch those adorable twins :) ) and when I was visiting the states I watched a few episodes of ‘would my mom let me date you’ in the middle of the night. Love trashy US TV!! oh I take that back.. I have been forced to sit through a few episodes of Pimp my Ride and I cry every time. It’s really a GOOD show!

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