• Here is a quick overview of whats going on, and will try to build a better picture soon.
    At Rent A Coder I have a project in the works which includes the graphics work for 4 websites + I am nearing decision on a 2nd open project bid for product review writing. We did find some local talent to help with editing materials but no one here really grasps marketing on the web, so outsourced!
    Some ‘smaller time’ automatic revenue systems we are working on has encouraged me to make some purchases to really get into the nitty gritty of mastering a niche without both being an expert or devoting full time to it. One such product is how to create a product which feeds to a desperate market, and since we have 2 such niches, I made the plunge. Check it out. It didnt hurt that this ebook was recommended by some of the best in the biz! My initial findings is that there is desperate and then there is desparate – and can you compare someone who cant get a checking account open to someone who is suffering from a medical condition?? She is convinced yes.
    Our ‘Medium size’ ventures are not far off from our smaller ones, except that they are catering to much bigger markets, offer much more combination of IM skills to include data acquisition + upsells + backend sales + blogging + oh yeh – SEO and Traffic! We will get to this… when it is not 3 am and I have to be with my daughter at the hospital in 5 hours from now
    ‘Larger’ ventures? My angel is a lead genius, and with the launch of Lead Supreme, I am having a hard time containing myself. Lead Supreme is a heavy duty lead generation software that basically offers landing pages that pre populate the fields and based on demographics, and other behavioural stuff, will offer the ‘lead’ relevant offers. You create the relationship with the companies that feed the offers, you keep the lead, and if you know what you are doing.. Ka Ching! I would say that most people convinced to buy along the regular IM style launches and pitches will be waking up not long from now $4500 poorer and wondering what oh what went wrong. In the wrong hands.. this is just a HUGE waste of money. However, imagine if you know a thing or two about leads, and you know a lot more about CPA (cost per action) companies, and you just happen to know a SEO genius and a PPC expert.. well well.. then I am not the one to decide, but it could just be..
    Not counting on Lead Supreme, my ‘larger’ venture is something I am not going to get into too much now, however JUST as I was fretting over a lot of the details, the hows… the tools to what I had in mind literally appeared in my inbox and cost $97. If I understood correctly what they are offering and I can see how it lines up with what I am imagining, then we just may be on to something. Ok, when I start editing every other word of writing, it is time to pull the blog – (i left that in since it was a real non thinking typo, but I felt somehow appropo!)
    New corporation requires new hosting. Debating between my current host (been satisfied – very good personal response) and giving serious thought towards a friend recommended and best hosting awarded company. This part was delayed since the corporation was just ‘founded’. Tomorrow I decide.
    Some other exciting stuff – I am emailing back and forth with Rich Schefrens people – will divulge more on that later!

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