• About 6 months ago or so, MANY online marketers (newbies and seasoned) signed up for a $1 trial to StomperNet. The StomperNet program claims to ‘stomp the search engines’ and build your business to be a SERIOUS business, and at an $800 monthly membership fee, this trial seemed like a no brainer!
    Only once we entered, did we find out that they were offering their trial members a special system called Stomper Simple. The plan of simple was to help EVERYONE get an online affiliate business up and running. Everyone was to take a product of their choice at Clickbank and pre-sell it. Part of their system including creating ‘Kitchen Table Copy’. The idea is that you print out 4 different salesletters of competing products, and place them all on your kitchen table. Take a red marker and highlight all the best parts of each salespage and then create one ‘knock em dead’ salesletter.
    But what’s the catch? After creating this awesome salespage you have to send them to ANOTHER full blown Clickbank salespage! Many of the better products – better meaning that according to Stomper Simple ‘mathematics’ it’s an easier sale – include poor salespages, opt-ins, and just a LOT more reading to get to the order form.
    When you pitch a product, you have to make it READILY available – dont ask them to jump through ANOTHER hoop!
    Here was a question I posed to my Stomper Team – Is there a way to SKIP the clickbank salespage? Go straight to their order form?? There are MANY benefits to this beyond the Stomper Simple method..
    After surfing the web a bit yesterday, I accidentely fell on the solution! Here is what Lynn Terry from ClickNewz says: (ok this is copy and paste to make sure you get the technical details right – hope thats ‘kosher’ in the blogosphere)
    Typically, when you are promoting a ClickBank product as an affiliate you will use what they call a “hoplink” to the merchant’s sales copy. That hoplink tracks the click-through’s and you get credit for every sale in the form of commission.
    In the rare case that you want to bypass the merchant’s sales copy, you can set up a direct link to the checkout page that will still track your referrals. Here’s how you do that…

    You will need to put the “http://” in front of that, and also make sure the link comes out all on one line – it breaks into two lines here on this page, but you want to make sure to create the link with no spaces or breaks.
    There are 4 things you need to edit in that link:
    YOURID which is your ClickBank ID
    MERCHANTID the merchant’s ClickBank ID
    The product name and product number can be found in the merchant’s original checkout link. What I usually do is view the merchant’s sales copy page, then click View > Source in my browser. This brings up the source code for the page, and you can locate the order button and analyze their order link.
    Lynn also suggests asking the merchant for permission.. and testing it out! When you click to purchase at the bottom of the purchase page you should see your affiliate name in brackets at the bottom.
    Thanks Lynn!
    The next trick is to figure out how to not have others steal your clickbank commissions.
    Speaking of Stomper Simple – all the participants say that the best part were the relationships created. I added like 30 names to my skype and chat regularly with 3 of them and of course everyone knows my new friend George! Certainly worth the $1!!

    P.S. I want to give you one more trick than I promised in this post. Here goes … it’s to do with spying on your competitors ads … If you could check EXACTLY what keywords your competitors are bidding on in Google adwords and find out how much they are paying per click, how many ads they are running, and what is converting for them you would probably think you would have to Google to find out that stuff? NO! I use a software called Affiliate Elite. What will Affiliate Elite do for YOU? All the stuff I mentioned in the second sentence of this paragraph! And as well as seeing what ads your competitors are using how much they are paying etc. you can also use it to find potential affiliates to promote your products – clever eh? Check it out.

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