• I am reflecting.
    The whole attraction of Earning an Online income is to be Free from a BOSS and from a J.O.B.. However, picture this scenario:
    You wake up, send your children off to school, and go to your 9 to 5 job. You are home by 6 PM and have the night with your family – for yourself! You get holidays off like Thanksgiving!! Regular Paycheck!! Benefits!! Vacation!! Maybe you even make friends and get to listen to the radio and gossip while at work!! Or BETTER YET – you surf the web and learn how to make money online while your BOSS PAYS YOU!! Sweeeet..
    The other scenario:
    You work from home at your computer. 6 PM comes and goes. Dinner is served, cleared away, your laptop is still running on the end of the table. You get an email notification, so ‘sorry honey’ let me just see who that is.. bedtime stories are read, children in bed… now hurry!! hurry! back to the computer
    AH.. yes. now that I have worked all day, and the children are asleep. AHH another evening of some alone time with ME and My Computer.
    3:30 AM one eye opens to survey the scene. I have somehow made it 3 feet away to the couch.
    I am refreshed. I have had almost 5 hours of sleep! Bathroom, brush my teeth (well sometimes), no need to get in PJ’s since the whole pitch we offer is working at home in our PJ’s!! (added for drama, but when I look back and read this in 30 years I must note for the record that I am always dressed!), and then…back to the computer.
    So now when I think THANKSGIVING, I am thinking that with no JOB to not have to go to.. what is there really to be thankful for? Another reason to feel guilty hanging out at the computer and ignoring the family?
    Not that we celebrate Thanksgiving where I live. Here we say thanks ALL the time. Before we eat food, after we use the bathroom, before we go to sleep at night, and when we wake up in the morning.
    Since this is a time when family gets together and we spread all over the globe, let me bring a piece of my family here:
    my favorites on this list are #2 and #4, #5, #7, #8 … lol actually THE BEST tunes are here at Amazon - all are great but Half Dozen is probably my fave – (and no -its NOT an affiliate link ;) )


    If you are still here with me… then I hope I didnt make that strong a case for the ‘RAT RACE’ folks, cuz the P.S. is that if all goes right, by this time next year… you know the rest..

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