• I am sorry to interrupt my regularly scheduled ‘video’ posts, but I felt compelled to share this today.

    I would love your thoughts.

    In addition, I owe several posts, all mostly complete, but on hold for information I will explain in my next post. Look out for it.

    Listen to these 3 short stories:

    1) I needed to find a specific printing store. I have been there several times in the past. It is located in an outdoor strip mall, sandwhiched between a few other stores. I was walking back and forth where I was sure it was located, but couldn’t seem to find it. Finally, by default I recognized it. When I was waiting for my work to be complete, I mentioned to the ‘secretary’ (not sure her exact position) that it appears as if the large sign they used to have outside was missing, and I couldn’t find the place. She concurred. Then went on to her next task.

    2) Within walking distance to our homes there is a large supermarket, and a smaller mini-market. Mini-markets have the reputation of being more expensive, since they are ‘convenience’ stores. Therefore they thrive on desperate purchases, or the regular subsidized milk, bread, staple items. The one which I am referring to has switched hands probably 4-5 times in as many years. Each new owner is nice, and seems full of promise! I desperately want them to succeed, but of course I also shop at the larger supermarket, since the difference in prices is noticeable.

    In this mini-market there is a combination of local items + American imported items. Naturally the later being very high priced. I suggested to him the following plan! Advertise your American items for much lower prices, as in competitive prices. Here is what will happen:

    • a) The local supermarket doesn’t carry these items, so he will draw people for these items, they will see his selection, and come back.. and you never buy just one item..
    • b) Psychology dictates that people will make assumptions. They will assume that if he is pricing his American items at more reasonable prices, then he must be a reasonable person, and the other items in his store must be reasonably priced, and shop. There is a supermarket that is a drive away that has MASTERED that. You leave there shaking your head how did you spend so much money, when the name of the store is ‘cheap’??? .. but we keep going back and back.

    3) Again – the local supermarket. A few doors down is a grocer and by grocer I mean he sells just fruits and veggies. But so does the local supermarket. The only advantage to shopping with him is that his items are more expensive, huh?? Ok, so its more exclusive, his peppers look redder. In this neighborhood there are 1000′s of young women who are students for a year or two. They support the local frozen yogurt biz. I suggest to him to make prepared salads. Girls love salads. They are all in dormitories, and want healthier food (to compensate for their ice cream). It will cost him NOTHING, but the plastic containers to put it in, some plastic cutlery, and salad dressing packets.

    Are you a business DUNCE?

    This list can go on and on..

    Guess what happens when I talk to these people behind counters or the phone?

    I get a Shrug. Maybe. A quick thanks.

    What are they saying to themselves??
    It would seem

    “mind your own business”.
    “get a life”.

    and other unmentionables that I would be happy to say in private.

    I want to differentiate my suggestions from .. well lets say.. from something my Mother would say (you know I love you Mom!).. but I am not talking about returning food since it’s cold, glasses because they are dirty, although suggesting that the Bagel Shop sell muffins everyday and not every few days (especially when they sell out in hours) was not a bad one ;) .

    I want to know.

    Why are these people such idiots?

    I dont mean that they are idiots for NOT having implemented these ideas already. beforehand. Why dont they take my advise? Why don’t they consider that they could be more successful if… I see other businesses who incorporate changes, and they improve!

    Now the hardest part of this all is turning the tables on MYSELF.

    Marketers a little higher up on the food chain are probably shaking their heads at me.. and rightly so! I could be making SO much more money IF I were to: (and this is not a complete list)

    • Outsource MORE.
    • Get an AWESOME assistant – Virtual or otherwise – who understands my market.
    • Sleep.
    • Purge from my life what is not working. Expand on what is.

    How are YOU being an IDIOT?

    What ‘easy’ steps can you take to work on this?

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