• 40 is the new 30, orange is the new pink, AND

    Billioniare is the new millionaire! So.. just as you thought you were approaching success by hitting 6 zeros, there is a new beast to face.

    000,000,000 – yes 9 zeros!

    If you are still looking to acheive 1 zero, let me inspire you with a quote I had the pleasure of reading in Februarys Entrepreneur Magazine. Billionaire Marc Ecko was interviewed on the billionaire mindset and very succesfully sums up how he has acheived his level of success and why so many others LOSE:

    “I dont think theres one silver bullet that will shoot you to the moon. Not being emotional and being able to call shit on yourself and on the people around you is really important. And not having to worry about tap-dancing or tiptoeing around people’s feelings. Just to be sober and say “look, this is how it really is”. I think having an environment that lends itself to that without everyone getting pissy is really important. That, coupled with being passionate and being able to distinguish between the shades of passion, and emotion, because there is a distinction. Being passionate doesnt give you license to be emotional..”

    I have personally witnessed, rather ALLOWED parts of my businesses to FAIL since I didnt want to confront someone, rather to avoid conflict than get what I wanted, needed, deserved, and PAID for!

    I am working hard to make sure this is no longer a concern by aligning myself with people who ‘get’ the above quote. Life is too short and business is too damn hard to have it any other way.

    Is this full of EGO and ATTITUDE? Heck ya, but listen close to what it really means.

    If WE work together, the EGO I am looking after is YOURS.. How can I build you up, how can I make you feel more important? The Attitude I bring is what can I do to make this a success, where do my strengths lie? (why did you seek me out in the first place?) and where am I weak? I have the Ego and Attitude to do this Honestly.

    Is it too much to request the same in return?

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