First an apology to my huge list of readers :) . I mentioned a part II to my previous post, and it just is NOT happening … YET. It is summer, people are everywhere, it’s hot, and my brain is a little fried.

    Just throwing out a question to You – curious what you think…

    How much of a product of the WEB 2.0 environment are YOU??

    I have made some videos and anticipate immersing myself more into this newest trend. If you told me 2 years ago, that I would be making these videos and subjecting myself to public opinion, ridicule, etc.. there is NO WAY I would believe you.

    I dont think anyone understands where all those videos from YouTube came from?? Who ARE those people who uploaded clip after clip and what were they thinking?? How did they know?

    Sure I head over to YouTube when I am in the mood for some nostalgia or to check out a favorite scene from an old sitcom/movie.. but when you come across something like this, you have to wonder:

    WHO created WHO??


    and how about this – would these prisoners in the Phillipines have done this (this is one of many videos) if there was NO audience??:


    I am compelled to ask..

    What came first?

    The BLOG or The BLOGGER?

    Blogging has given me, amongst countless others, the chance to re-develop writing skills shelved since College, create online conversations with colleagues, earn a little money (if you will it..), and again.. put myself OUT THERE.. an additional contribution towards our ‘audition’ to the world..

    since isnt that what it has all become about??



    Trying to get discovered in some way.. from Google, other bloggers, future clients, future advertisers.

    Can you be a shy blogger who sits in the corner with your nose in a book, doesnt make friends easily, even if you are a Geek, and understand computers, and be successful?

    hmm – a little all over the place today!

    You were saying??

    ~~ andrea
    this was contributed by Andrea. She has been created by her blog. Or perhaps she created her Blog. Either way, leave the poor confused girl a comment and let her know what you think??

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