Did you ever notice how when you do things accidently, it is a lot easier to accomplish, than doing so on purpose? I know I was not the ‘inspiration’, yet I linked to Joanna, reminding her of what she calls thematic link posting, which inspired Liz to issue a challenge to weave blogs together with a theme.
    Wow. The whole world is out there for my picking, and now I dont know where to go.
    I am going to tell you something shocking, and hard to believe.
    There are people, in their mid-youth (as in not our grandparents), who dont own computers, and may even be scared of them. That means they only rely on their friends, family, neighbors, and random outings for experiences and life content. That is so 1860′s! I shudder at the thought!
    I am rapidly yanked out of my blog vortex and brought back to reality with the slamming of the door. It is my daughters last day of ‘day camp’ and I am invited to watch her perform. All the mommies are sitting against the wall of a cramped building lobby and watching our girls doing a few silly skits and I cant help but think.. this was all these girls have been talking about, thinking about, and working towards for the last 2 days straight. How small can someones’ life be?
    Is this new blog environment I am spending so much time in… the one that has me itching for her show to end,
    social or anti social? I use to crave leaving the computer for a few hours at the park with the children. That was before WE met!
    You (and there are many of YOU), have replaced my need to yap about the best sippy cups, which park do we prefer, and whats for dinner.
    Yet you dont know who I am.
    I think I have become a blog addict. I say I havent watched TV in a year, but that doesnt mean all my time is well spent!
    So as I am in the middle of the ‘bigness’ of it all – I am simultaneously smiling at my baby, watching him crawl around and making sure nothing enters his mouth, so I am constantly reminded of the ‘smallness’ of it all.
    Perhaps the smallness of it all is what I share with YOU, but the bigness is the smile my baby reserves JUST FOR ME.
    I surf around some and realize that there really are no rules..
    and realize that the lines are blurred for largesse and smallesse – see I can even make up my own words –
    I witness a sampling:
    the smallness of a diary of a childs health / eating habits
    the middle size countdown for a pregnancy
    the bigger and put to better use education blog
    the eggs over easy too much information our paths would never cross if it werent for the web Blog

    The commercial size (and shameless plug for my twin brothers) USA TV Character Road trip blog
    The largness of a conversation blog (every post on this site is a conversation)
    The colossal (pun intended) get everyone involved and make a difference blog
    And How Opportunity Works is what has me up at 5:50 AM while my baby is ASLEEP, working to meet Liz’s deadline.

    I am not certain I succeeded at what was being asked, but at least I got no sleep, will be further behind on paying projects, and will scream at my kids all day tomorrow.

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