Generalization coming up! I have heard multiple times from many individuals that ADD (attention deficit disorder) is required to acheive (online) success.. this is how it goes down:
    ADD stimulates creativity. Creativity stimulates product creation/development. Product creation/development generates $$$.
    As I have said, if you are looking to earn big money in the Internet Marketing field, you NEED to create. Unless you are a premier affiliate marketer, niche marketer, coach, etc., (and even so), this is a field which requires creation. I believe it is one of the single greatest reasons people have a hard time making a buck despite their efforts.
    They dont GET THAT.
    You NEED TO Create.
    There is however a little discrepancy in this logic however, since you ADD’ers are all over the place, and product development clearly requires focus and determination.
      Maybe that just answered it?

    Determination and Will should be able to overcome almost any obstacle, including the all too often and way over diagnosed ADD. I am still undecided about myself – perhaps I am just a creative, but very busy mom. Although not sure that excuse works for why I have 13 browser windows open at any given time.
    The first featured Internet Coach on the reality show of The Next Internet Millionaire was Mark Joyner, aka the ‘Godfather of Internet Marketing’ and creator of simpleology.
    (as an aside.. maybe you are wondering why I, first runner up, major upset, big disappointment, admit to watching the show, and by mentioning it, I am even promoting it. Yes, welcome to the world of a GROWN UP :) . I was actually surprised to feel ‘missed’ and the gaping hole where I should have been. I did not expect it. I dont think it is mutually exclusive to say I see where I could have added value and been an asset, and that I dont think I deserve it more than the others, (hmm well maybe). To the producers.. I would eventually appreciate a follow up email why I was 1st runner up. )
    How was that for shifting focus?
    Simpleology is known as ‘The Simple Science of Getting What you Want’. If I learned one RELEVANT thing from the first episode of the show it the rule of straight lines. You draw one dot on the left side of a page, and a right dot on the right side of the page. Then discuss your daily activities (unclear if they mean in general or when you start work), and see how far you veer off from creating a straight line from one dot to the other.
    All I have to say is one thing. OY VEY!!
    This is ME:
    Andrea Yager and the law of straight linesMy ‘law of straight lines’ resembles one of my childrens’ connect the dots worksheet!
    As I write this blog, I have a guy in the other room building a piece of furniture I bought, a friend over helping to organize the stuff going in it, writing a post concurrantly in 2 other blogs, writing a salesletter for a product I created, checking out the website who hired me for consultation, composing a list of requirements to another blogger who will be helping me tweak the other 2 blogs mentioned, checking out the emails for my part-time job, running a load of laundry and defrosting food for later, composing an update for my outsourcer for a new website, etc.. The baby is absent from this list, when he is usually a primary role, since this is my one morning a week that my Mom is watching him.
    Please respond with ONE way that you have worked to maintain better focus, and have less jags in that straight line. I will collect the list and make a post with your website included!
    Let me start:
    One way to stay focused:
    1. Deadlines are very helpful, so I pretend I am my own ‘boss’ and that I have to meet my deadline. I dont like to disappoint anyone, including myself!
    That may not be a good one, but hey.. this is why I turn to you..

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