Well I may actually stop writing about the show, except it is giving me sooo much darn traffic! ;) So I skipped 3, but on to episode 4…
    So hey all you old forum friends.. will try not to insult you too terribly since I am a power player, and am here to network and yada yada….
    Have you ALL lost your minds???? :)
    Over 10 minutes of this episode was spent on eating worms. YUCK!!


    I have no problem with worm slugging if it’s part of what makes you different and yet not completely ‘out there’. Like I kinda believe Alisande that she is up for anything and would actually find herself in another situation where she would eat worms, with the stakes being MUCH less. Just for the experience. But here is the problem..
    Do you want to JV with someone who would RATHER eat worms than do a task? I hear the other side that they would rather accomplish than surely fail, and they do look like they go down pretty smoothly.. but I would certainly hope Joel isnt calling a non worm eater an inappropriate JV partner.
    Here is another thing and maybe its just me and my education.. but I kept remembering that afterschool special called ‘The Lottery” or similar, where someone picked a name out of a hat and they were selected to be stoned.. and as ludicrous as it was, everyone joined in.. like lambs to the slaughter… losing their sense of right or wrong. Not ONE person passed on the challenge. Actually a few people passed, but after seeing the rest follow suit, they too succumbed to the peer pressure. The one contestant who didnt eat the worms TRIED and got ‘brownie points’ for considering it. Would the individual who said an unequivocal ‘NO’ have received congratulations?
    Some of you may or may not know why, but there is no question 100% absolutely that I would NOT have eaten those worms. The question I have for myself is Would I have felt bad? A failure? Probably.. I can be pretty pathetic sometimes ;) ..
    Marlon Sanders is the Guru of the week. I am a pretty big promoter of his items – in fact – if you look to the right of this blog Marlon Sanders Top Selling Productsunder top picks, his items are 4 out of the 5 items listed there. You want to know how to build a website from scratch? Point and click web building.. etc.. check them out.
    The execution challenge was to create a product, and discuss the marketing plan. They were also using NINJA terms we were not privvy too like plank or flank .. again.. I know you were giving them a limited amount of time to perform a task, and I see you helping them from the sides.. but there is nothing more dull than water and phones…. As internet marketers, product creation is ESSENTIAL to SUCCESS, and it would have been really neat to actually witness something realistic. I know I have a bunch of product ideas… dont they all? Couldnt they have combined their brain talents and produced SOMETHING?

    The reason the execution challenges are not succeeding .. meaning one team is repeatedly LOSING.. the other team isnt really WINNING.. as opposed to the immunity tasks, is due to the combination of talents and inability to tap into them properly. They keep repeating the same problems in the judgement room yet people keep volunteering to be the leaders. Lesson #1 – being a leader is NIM suicide!
    If you think I am insulting the show, forgive me. I find the show fascinating from beginning to end, but I am too personally involved to have a real objective opinion.
    Lesson # 2 – Know thy limitations, be honest with your strengths, weaknesses, and confront them. So hear goes nothing:
    I know that I sell myself short, great things are right around the corner, I am a nice, honest, and ethical in business, and I would have kicked a$$ on that show. As it stands now, I would have been like the multi-talented Jason Marshall, yet with the IM skills to back it up! My weakness? I spend most of my time telling other people how to make money online instead of doing it for myself.. How to overcome it? Have patience, a plan, JV partners, and
    outsource, outsource, outsource.
    My new online friend Big Jason Henderson got kicked off the show, which wasnt entirely a surprise from the previous episodes. I think he was definitely misunderstood and came off as a villian and just NOT what I think he really is. Frankly to me he seemed pretty shy and passive on the show.. , which he seems anything BUT in real life.. makes you wonder about that cutting room floor.
    So Big Jason.. possibly all will be revealed, and possibly not, but how did you feel about how the other contestants spoke about you, and why were you so dissed? P.S – I really like what you said about your email offering a support desk link. You should have gotten points for that.
    Now you better leave me a comment here or else.

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