So.. the bad news..
    I lost a great babysitter.
    The good news? I am going to get all the juicy details about her new job.
    As you know I live in Jerusalem, Israel. What you may not know – the locals are a melting pot of lots of ANGLOS, well in addition to a few other people :) . If you are looking to open a Call Center, due to the high volume of educated, perfectly accented English speaking, willing to work for low pay individuals, Israel is YOUR move!!
    Therefore the Call Center industry is HUGE here, the companies are just working harder to secure deals in European countries, since many of the jobs require very odd working hours .. 8 pm to 4 am is NOT uncommon.
    Ok, so my Hawaiian house help, who was sticking around here for a while after meeting her Israeli boyfriend in Thailand, is currently working the following job: Jeremy Estes should pay attention, since I think you actually make money doing this even small time, so imagine the possibilities of big time.
    An online ‘web’ directory is created and the focus is on specific niche areas. House painters, plumbers, electricians, etc.. The cold callers aka ex Hawaiian househelp receive a list of leads from each city, which is as easy as collecting a phone book, and approaches them with a “Could you handle more business?” the pitch continues with “We are only looking to find reputable people in the field, and if you meet our standards, we will list you in our online directory that is accessible blah blah blah..” then they say a few sentences that probably goes over most people’s heads.. “we are partnering with such and such sites, etc.”.. I am certain in addition to cold callers they do have a full time (outsourced people!!) backlink builders, and SEO specialists..
    If you have the right script in front of you, and usually just ONE local business on board to start, then it should not be too hard to convince someone else to sign up! Meaning the conversion rate of sales made per call is much higher than it would be if you were sending the business to a direct sales page.
    Dont be scared to work it OFFLINE to succeed ONLINE.
    They charge $100/month for one LINK on their site. They do offer their callers a HUGE chunk of the first month as a commission, but this is all about continuity and the long term. It does seem daunting to be paying a base salary + the bulk of the first months earnings to your employees.. but when the 2nd month rolls around and the members are charged automatically, while your staff is generating more sales.. you are then on the road to serious business!
    All it takes is ONE WEBSITE!!! and a bunch of gullible small business people who think the word Website is like what the immigrants thought of the word AMERICA!! Gold RUSH (oh and for many, America / Websites is the REAL DEAL!!)
    Here is to YOUR personal Gold Rush!

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