Everyone needs a Mr. X … a behind the scenes whiz kid that could wipe the floor with you yet for some remarkable reason wants to remain anonymous and help you SHINE. Or actually thinks that you do Shine.
    My Mr. X is not interested in you, he likes me, so dont bother trying. Go find your own :) !!
    We have really *deep* conversations.. check out this last one (He is a little colorful, so all you Nigerian princes who are anxiously awaiting my passport so that we may split your 33 million being held up.. it’s still on the way! ) ..
    Andrea (and your readers) – Here is a question for you:

    • imagine within the next ten minutes you lost everything
    • some nigerian stole your domains
    • swiped your adsense accounts
    • and some south americans got access to all of your merchant accounts
    • and some lawyer sued you for everything you had
    • just imagine your screwed
    • the products you had are no longer available to sell
    • the websites that made money are no longer under your control
    • what would you do within the next 12 months to generate at least $1,000,000
    • how would you do it
    • what would you do
    • what would you not do
    • who would you work with
    • who would you avoid
    • remember you have to start with no money
    • any momentum you have now would be gone

    lost all your money and need to start over

    imagine you had nothing – all of what you have now is gone, what would you do to get it back and make at least $1,000,000 in 12 months?
    Certainly it wouldnt be fun to ANSWER this right here, and not give you guys a shot at it first, or to at least THINK about it. Answer will come soon..

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