First of all… Arent their names just the coolest??
    I am relatively new to this blogging thing.. only started posting in earnest since February 07 and probably found my ‘voice’ and established my online personality the last 2 months (& still evolving)..
    I understand a main feature to blogging success comes from relationships with other bloggers, and to this I owe a big thanks to George, for mentioning me on his blog numerous times, and exhibiting to me firsthand how to become blogging ‘friends’. He has been a huge catalyst, possibly unbeknownst to him, to my shift in ‘blogging’ gears, and providing me with the self esteem needed to realize that I can someday hope to be part of this elite group of bloggers, where he himself resides..
    Why Dawud and Ponn
    After spending a little of my very very limited time surfing around other blogs, mostly within my niche, it does not take long before you land on either of these blogs. In fact, I sometimes feel like a ping pong reading one blog post talking about another blogger, checking out that blogger who sends me to another blogger. I am certain I could repeat this post with numerous names in the title.. but I wasnt on a hunt for the lowest alexa ranking and most readers..
    Dawud and Ponn are both representing my online goals..
    I want to be recognized as a WAHM blogger who is managing her busy hectic life schedule and able to effectively, and affordably consult small businesses on how to succeed online. Basically a Ponn and Dawud sandwhich..
    This is small sampling of what I want to learn from Ponn (who I have noticed appears to be under the weather – here is a shout out to your good HEALTH!! – everybody say AMEN):
    How do you:
    Nourish your children 3x a day
    Nourish your childrens minds
    Take care of their other needs
    how do you MAKE money?? Is it just from your Blog or what?? How did you get started?
    Did your blog take you places you didn’t know it would, or did YOU take your blog to those places??

    Here is just a taste of what I want to know from Dawud:
    How do you:
    Create blog posts with so many outgoing links? Do you have a tool that helps with that, or you have to find each site and copy and paste?? :)
    Do as you advise and turn your action steps into a realized finished product/experience?
    Find your clients?
    Have time for your clients, your family, your sanity, your blog, and to still read all those other blogs??
    oh and Make money???

    I realize I am just a small time fish in an ocean of big time bloggers, but it cant hurt to ask those who you admire how they got to be where they are.. and maybe skip a few stones in the meantime and perhaps.. avoid some glaciers.. I have certainly seen enough of my ventures sink…. so lets get off this deserted island and find the buried treasure.. hahaha ok, taking this analogy way too far :)
    In case you are wondering: I WOULD win the busy contest – I have 4 children, youngest is 7 mos old who nurses all the time and loves to be held ONLY by his Momma! I own a small business, work for someone else, blog, try to make money online yada yada. I dont own a TV, so I am not asking these questions and spending my night watching reality shows (I just try out for them ;) ).
    In fact this Post, like my others, took me so long to write due to my many distractions, that according to Rich Schefrens’ new report, .. it cant be as good as it COULD be.
    oh well.
    Who do you admire out in the blogosphere?
    ~~ andrea

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