• 1) Then you are brilliant for noticing. and probably not 100% wrong if you think I am neglecting you to eat Ben & Jerrys and watch movies all day (hey some credit for knowing where the heart is)

    Andrea Eats Ice Cream All DAY

    2) Then you should be ashamed for not following me on twitter. I am currently ranked as the least famous person being followed by the most famous. What is your ranking? I am thinking somewhere between thinking twitter is what butterflies do (which is FLUTTER), and thinking that yet again there is something neat I have opened your eyes to and you should get there soon. (the latter is true).
    3) Then I am busy skyping brilliant and rich folks who make me laugh by being a combination of eccentric, young, funny, egotistical, stupid.. all the while skyrocketing my..well my ‘ME’ to another stratosphere.. Whoever said working from home is boring must have invented panty hose and alarm clocks.
    4) Then I am busy on something so big that I have slept 6 hours out of the last 72 and witnessed that which very very very few online marketers, and well.. .001% of the human species has been priveledged to experience. I just might tell you about it.. when I am allowed to.
    5)Then I am even too busy to proof read this post, and ponder if I have given you value today or if you are just saying HUH?

    PUBLISH OR PERISH. Here goes nothing!

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