Rich Schefren, one of the top business coaches online today, has done it AGAIN!!
    A year or two ago he sent waves through the net with his Manifestos, drawing attention to how many businesses/individuals lack a good business strategy. Following this, he opened up his coaching program, and became a household name among online marketers (and probably started getting flooded with credit cards).
    This time, his report highlights how we have accelerated quickly past the information age into the interruption age, and are sitting pretty in the attention age.. There is so much technology and ‘life’ being thrown at us, that small business owners have to work double time to acheive the same results, and we spend most of our days being unproductive..
    Check out this free report HERE.
    I for one can attest to that. I know that I have children, including a baby who likes to be held, but why does it take me days sometimes to get one complete blog post written?
    Rich is offering a nice bonus for the individual who drums up the most attention for his new report.
    I created 2 videos. The first was meant to be the only one, but the comments I heard encouraged me to make another one:
    “you may finally have success”
    “bad taste”
    It was that last one that didnt sit well with me. I am quite the G-d fearing girl and didnt want to be leaving videos around the web with ‘bad taste’. Although, since it was totally a matter of opinion, I still left it up to be seen and will include the links here..
    In the 2nd video, I removed the ‘offensive’ material and made some other changes.. This is called the ‘clean version’ and used most of the material of the first video changing the last 30 seconds or so. Maybe less people will wonder what the heck is going on when they view this one!
    My video example highlights more how I personally am trying to juggle my work, family life, other commitments.. I imagine growing up in a Mom and Pop rural town before the new technology must have had it’s advantages.. Well in a matter of years we have gone from Mom and Pop to everyone being able to peek into each others rooms, lives, culture, etc.. One of the reasons I want to earn more money is to actually have more time to enjoy all the new technology, information, entertainment the world has to provide (sans the smut)

    My first video I attempted to do something attention grabbing. Check out this video and be warned… you may not want to watch with children around.. Second to stripping (not happening) I tried to use whatever means I had available to me and my NON existant video creation skills to illustrate that I know how to grab attention!
    Here is video 1: Rated R

    Let me know what you thought of it :)

    Here is video #2: Rated G

    I hope you guys enjoyed my efforts. I worked very very VERY VERY hard. I may have used some other props, but that baby is all MINE + the Mom who needs computer help + the other 3 children + job + working for myself + a car with no a/c in the MIDDLE EAST heat…as I write this my children are playing doctor as me being the patient.. but Rich, I am all HERE. 100% focused :) and ready for part II.
    ~~ andrea

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