• So you want to make a million dollars this year?

    Yes, I am talking to YOU. How do I know you are here? Because my search stats tells me that everyday hundreds of people are finding this page by searching any number of variations on making a million in a year.

    If you scroll down you can see the original blog post that was written that attracted Google, etc. to this page. It’s still a good post, and has good information, but lets be serious. We want to make a LOT of sick cash, and NOW. So, the action plan is to read the blog post, but also.. and FIRST, to consider this.

    You could have searched to make Ten Thousand dollars. You could have searched to make One hundred thousand in a year. You could have searched even to make $500,000 this year. But you didn’t. You searched on how to make a million dollars. You are serious. you are game on. And you are in the RIGHT Place.

    So if you would like access to this information then sign up to this special email and the report for making 1 million in a year will be on it’s way. I don’t want to run the risk of just posting the information here and allowing it to leak to the public at large.. so if you are serious. You know what to do:

    Read on to find the original blog post on the subject:

    Here was the challenge My Mr. X posed me with in this post last month (be sure to read the comments on that post – good stuff!) :

    Assuming you currently do not have a web presence and no other online assets, how can you make 1 million dollars in 12 months?

    First of all, Mr X is becoming a way overused moniker for someone who makes a crapload of money but wants to remain anonymous .. We are given the impression that people would be stalking and calling him all hours of the day, beating his secrets out of him. Mr X is getting a new name, since any Mr X I consort with is WAY cooler and simply cant share his title of Mr X with a bunch of other zombie face millionaires. Any Suggestions? Agent Money maybe?

    Back to the money:

    This is a unique challenge since MOST people have some leg to stand on… some ‘stuff’ in their arsenal.

    Here we are just waking up one day.. and deciding to become an online millionaire.

    To that I say… NO PROBLEM!!

    1 Find where the NEXT convention is

    In an industry that interests you, and assuming you are really broke, figure out ANY way possible to get yourself there. Borrow. Beg. Comandeer some moolah! Meeting like minded people face to face wont put money in your pocket immediately, but will open doors, as many doors as you have the time and energy to pursue.

    Want proof? I just went to a convention at the end of February 08. Here is my Paypal account balance from Feb 17th 08 until March 1st 08: (I split it up to remove the private info and have it fit on the screen)

    proof of earnings on paypal
    Proof of earnings on paypal

    Now, Here is my current paypal account balance up to May 7th ’08. And it will be growing. 90% from the relationships at the conference and I have been back just over 2 months.

    proof of earnings on paypal
    Proof of earnings on paypal

    (btw – you can see that I joined a membership, and that allowed me to cancel a different one that I didnt need anymore)


    2 Show Off Your Skills

    Lets assume you have some skill or talent. Find some ugly backwards but high ranking website in your niche, and SHOW them what you can do for them. Dont send a stupid email. Go to WHO IS, call them up, Fed EX them a personal letter (if you can afford the postage) and do this for MULTIPLE people in your niche. From there the possibilities are endless from a simple affiliate relationship to a product you could whip up as an expert to a split equity deal. It will be the cheapest and fastest way for YOU to grow a high ranking website and make it fast!

    Want Proof? I dont have figures, but showing you that I am putting my money where my mouth is: The launch I am working on that I invited you to witness is for a website that belongs to ‘my company’ but is exactly as described above : Ugly, backwards, high ranking, and niche. This guy approaches me, lets call him YOU for now, since he is following the steps I advise, and asks me to promote his product. Then I become YOU, since I actually tell him.. thats not good enough! I dont want to promote some stupid ebook and make a couple of dollars! I want to blow this out! We are dedicating part of the site to this launch experience, and you have been invited to watch. If you have patience since we are both busy!


    3 Look At Me – I Am Important

    Start putting yourself out there and draw attention to yourself. Garner market interest by being either controversial, out there, influential, funny… How much will it cost? Well assuming you dont already own a digital camera that can do videos, you could prob get a little flip camera or $79 dollar Samsung (the kind you get kids for their Bar Mitzvah, and the kind I have used for all my videos so far), go to UStream or youtube or anywhere and try out for online contests or reply to other peoples videos, and start talking about your niche..

    Want Proof?

    I should be called the ‘always a contestant, never a winner’.. but I would beg to differ. Exactly a year ago, I submitted my first video ever. A timid, shy, hint of personality, a little loserish entry to the next internet millionaire: (I cant even watch it anymore)

    I entered a few other contests and look at how I was referred to a mere 7 videos and 9 months later. The ‘FAMOUS Andrea’ … not that this is my finest work, but

    “The Famous “Andrea” Shares Her Top Event Highlights”:

    I went from earning – well a lot less than I could – to being approached by an online marketing genius (may he rest in peace) who invested in me, to having personal relationships with many whom I only admired from afar in the past, to gaining serious leverage as a result of all the above, and the ONLY reason I am not seeing the figures I would be otherwise is due to very unfortunate circumstances that has naturally caused a very big setback (refer to may he rest in peace above for clarification).


    4 Do the local circuit

    Become your OWN tupperware party! What do I mean? If you know about online marketing, then you are in the .00001% of the population who does. Whenever I leave my house to hang out with the common people :) , everyone wants a piece of you. I mean we are skilled in a multi billion dollar industry of how to make money online from HOME. I could be next to Pamela Anderson and still wow the crowd (man.. this ego trip is out of control today!)

    MILK IT!!

    Want Proof? Anytime I run into a group of people who are interested, I am able to do one of the following:

    1. If they have an online business, take money from them to tell them why it sucks. It usually does. and it could ALWAYS be better.
    2. Tell them to collect a bunch of people and charge per head to have an evening of live q&a on whatever it is that separates them from not having a clue to getting it. Then you furnish them with an affiliate laden options list and let them move on.. of course they could always pay for private consulting.
    3. Create a partnership (although usually less inclined since too busy). Here you leverage other peoples unique talents and your skills to do a joint venture. Advisable if you come across a real winner..
    4. Get more exposure which leads to all sorts of possibilities.. similar to my online videos, just on a local scale.

    Just to be honest.. I give away a lot of information for free.. If you enjoy what you do, the adrenaline is obvious, and people respond to it! I mean if making money from home online wasnt enough of a selling point, seeing someone happy and excited certainly helps! This blog is free, there is ample free stuff online. Its not like I am telling them something they cant discover on their own if they had the time, the patience and the skills. I respect that and am happy to give away the farm.

    Then WORD OF MOUTH spreads and you can be your own guru to the locals.


    5 Rewards based work.

    This blog post is referring to those who are looking to make a million dollars since they will work hard for it, have the drive, ambition, passion, and ability to succeed. Everyone else inherits it, marries it, or is in Hollywood.

    Approach a big company and tell them what you can do for them and that your earnings will be a %age share on the growth of the company. This requires some careful attention to detail and hard work, but if they have some capital willing to back you up, this could be a great golden ticket, since those %age residuals could be very cushy and you would certainly earn the respect of the company, and the referrals would define your continual rise to the top of the food chain.

    Want Proof? Working on it ;) .

    P.S. If you just can’t WAIT and want to know how everyone else is doing it – then you will want to check this out.

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